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Chat GPT: Tips to make money with AI text editing

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Chat GPT: Tips to make money with AI text editing

Sultan Ali told Business Insider what it’s like to overhaul artificial intelligence products. Courtesy of Sultan Ali

Sultan Ali has earned over 3,000 euros by editing AI-generated content for students and professionals.

The 25-year-old works part-time on Fiverr to make Chat GPT texts sound more human.

This is what it looks like to be an “AI Content Editor”.

This is a machine translation of an article from our US colleagues at Business Insider. It was automatically translated and checked by a real editor.

This article is based on a conversation with Sultan Alione 25-year-old AI editor from Bahawalpur in Pakistan, about the way he makes chat GPT-generated text sound more human. Business Insider verified his earnings through screenshots and his clients’ work through PDFs of articles he edited. This story has been edited for length and clarity.

I started using Open AI’s Chat GPT to help me with my coursework. Now I make thousands of dollars editing AI-generated text so no one can tell it was created by a machine.

My journey into AI content editing began shortly after Chat GPT launched. I was just months away from graduating with my MBA and turned to the AI ​​chatbot for help with my assignments during the academic year. The result was that I received good grades in two of my courses, which made me realize how useful artificial intelligence (AI) can be.

Since I was interested in writing, I decided to offer AI content editing through the freelance assignment platform Fiverr. Since I received my first order in March 2023, I have completed more than 150 orders from customers in the USA and Europe.

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The projects I work on include academic essays, business reports, blogs and product descriptions – all created by Chat GPT. The aim is for these AI-generated texts to sound as if they had been written by a human.

How I edit Chat GPT generated content

Thats how it works. First, I read the AI-generated text carefully to find out what it is supposed to say. Since I receive texts from my clients on topics such as philosophy, medicine and technology that I am often unfamiliar with, I have to ensure that I understand the subject matter well enough to be able to edit the content effectively.

After that, I run the text through Grammarly, an AI writing software, to correct any grammatical errors. I then manually go through the text line by line to make each sentence sound more human. To do this, I add three to four descriptive words to each line.

For example, I change the AI-generated sentence “I live in a house on street 30” to “I live in a nice house near the fountain on street 30” and Feel free to add humor so that the text doesn’t sound so boring. This process takes at least two hours.

After I complete the words, I go through the entire text again to delete lines, constantly running it through Grammarly. If the assignment contains quotes, I make sure they are genuine.

Once the text is polished, I run it through programs like Turnitin to check for plagiarism, GPT Zero to make sure it doesn’t sound artificially generated, and Originality.ai to catch factual errors.

If the text fails these tests, I go back and edit it further. If this is the case, I send the edited version of the text – including Grammarly and AI detection reports – to my client for review and adjust the text until they are satisfied.

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My 4 tips on how to make AI-generated text sound more human:

1) Researched: Be sure to read the original studies and articles required for the assignment so you know what Chat GPT is talking about. The AI ​​can be wrong.

2) Checks the citations: Chat GPT can create fake references. So make sure they are real.

3) Add a few words to enrich the text: This way the text becomes more interesting.

4) Tried to write manually: Ideally, you should only rely on Chat GPT when you are short on time.

My customers range from students to fitness trainers to entrepreneurs

Most of my customers are students who have to complete their homework under time pressure. But I also have professionals who come to me with larger, longer-term projects.

So someone asked me to edit a series of AI-generated e-books on child psychology. Another was a fitness trainer who gave me 50 to 60 articles to edit for his website.

The largest project I’ve worked on was a startup that gave me a 50,000 word aviation manual to revise. It took six months to complete.

Still, the job comes with its challenges.

Sometimes I don’t understand what the AI ​​text is trying to say. Other times, I’m asked by clients to complete tasks in eight to twelve hours that simply aren’t feasible in that time frame. There have even been cases where customers have been disappointed with the final product. A client was upset with me because I rewrote his text in British English when he wanted it in American English.

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So far, I have earned more than $3,500, the equivalent of €3,230, with my AI content editing services on Fiverr.

My prices start at five dollars (4.62 euros) per order and increase depending on the number of words and delivery time. However, I only do this part-time because I’m looking for a full-time job.

Still, I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. Artificial intelligence is still new, and the demand for AI content editors will continue to increase, especially among lazy or busy people.

I think the demand for my services will continue for at least another six to seven years.

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