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ChatGPT, Aleph Alpha & Co poorly prepared for EU regulation

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ChatGPT, Aleph Alpha & Co poorly prepared for EU regulation

Almost all providers also keep a low profile when it comes to energy consumption – the immense power consumption and the resulting carbon dioxide emissions are a central point of criticism of the new technology. “Operators only publish inconsistent data about their energy use, their strategies for measuring emissions and whether they have taken measures to mitigate those emissions,” said Bommasni. Here the draft of the AI ​​Act explicitly requires information about such measures – and a justification for them if they are not taken. So far, none of the providers examined have provided any information. However, this problem could probably be solved with a little more transparency, should regulation actually come about as planned. The situation is different when it comes to copyright: the models are simply not designed to take this aspect into account when generating the text.

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At the lower end of the ranking, Anthropic from California and Aleph Alpha from Heidelberg (each with less than 25 percent of the maximum number of points) are two providers who are actually committed to the topic of secure AI. The start-up Anthropic was founded in 2021 by OpenAI dropouts. They want to create what are known as frontier models – i.e. systems that are very large AI models on the one hand, but which also put security first.

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