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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals renew the contract: € 204 increase to workers

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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals renew the contract: € 204 increase to workers

The rate of Fonchim

Going into detail for the economic part, in addition to the increase for which the model for verifying inflationary differences remains confirmed, with the role of the EDR as a shock absorber, the parties agreed to value the monthly Fonchim rate of the companies in the Puntuale Element Sectoral (Eps) for subsequent renewal.

The normative part

The regulatory part is extremely complex and aims to create the conditions to better face the digital and green transitions underway on which guidelines have been shared, in an experimental way for this contract, to facilitate change in companies and manage the impacts on the work, industrial relations, safety, health and the environment. Furthermore, new sections of the National Observatory dedicated to Digital Transformation, social inclusion and gender equality have been planned. The parties are also committed to the creation of a mechanism for collecting specific, certified skills, which can facilitate the meeting between supply and demand of the sector’s needs. Periodic meetings and thematic sections of the Pharmaceutical Observatory will be organized and the conditions will be created for a conscious adhesion of all workers to contractual welfare which remains voluntary.

The culture of industrial relations

There will also be a commitment to promote knowledge of the contract and the culture of industrial relations and sustainable development and a new recognition is envisaged for company bargaining consistent with contractual choices. Furthermore, given the particular commitment of the sector to environmental issues, the National Day for Health, Safety and the Environment will become National Day for Health, Safety and Sustainable Development. Lastly, changes have been made to the on-call regime, increases, modifying temporary agreements, investments in second-level training.

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The satisfaction of the trade unions

For Marco Falcinelli, who leads Filctem, the new contract «looks to the future and to the digital transition, regulating work and life times in the right way in a constantly changing general context. The agreement found defends wages from inflation, is close to the world of work and workers, and represents a model that confirms our idea of ​​bargaining ». Nora Garofalo, number one of the Femca, says that the EDR mechanism “used in this contract for the verification of inflationary differences has proven to work perfectly: in periods of low inflation it has made it possible to mitigate the repercussions on contractual minimums, while now it allows to consolidate them. It is a balancing and compensation mechanism that has proved extremely useful for the implementation of the Pact for the Factory. And it comes at a time when it is necessary to recover the purchasing power of wages ”. The general secretary of Uiltec, Paolo Pirani, considers it “an innovative agreement that will lead the way for other renewals”.

The enhancement of health and safety

Underlining the renewed commitment to health and safety, also certified by Inail data, Marco Colatarci, vice president of Federchimica, affirms that “the agreement enhances, among other things, a second level bargaining correlated to profitability and productivity and adequate to support competitiveness and employment “. Marcello Cattani, Farmindustria’s industrial relations delegate, is certain that companies and workers will now have a tool to grasp future challenges: “The collaborative model of industrial relations – he says – has once again demonstrated with a great sense of responsibility on the part of the parties, the commitment to find a positive understanding with the trade unions ».

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