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Cherry Bank launches its own division dedicated to alternative investments

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Cherry Bank launches its own division dedicated to alternative investments

Cherry Bank, a bank specializing in business support services (creation of value from the transformation of NPL portfolios and the purchase of tax credits), today set up a new business line within the Bank: the “Alternative Investments” division .

The new division was created with the aim of offering new asset management solutions, allowing greater diversification of its services in the managed assets sector.

In this sense, the products offered by the new business line “will allow investors to gain exposure to markets/asset classes with attractive returns that would otherwise be inaccessible”, declared Giovanni Bossi, CEO of Cherry Bank.

“We limited ourselves to integrating a business model through the creation of a Division that completes some services offered by the Bank. The Alternative Investmenst Division will benefit from new resources that enrich the Bank’s skills, but integrate perfectly into a mature and complete platform for the asset management activity: origination capabilities, solid organizational model, dedicated teams and investor relations are the keys to success on which we focus. In detail, in the first phase the management mandate will focus on the fixed income sector with a preference for investments in listed and unlisted bonds, debt securities issued or guaranteed by governments, local authorities, industrial and commercial companies, money market and financial instruments . Subsequently, investments in the NPLs sector will be envisaged through new dedicated management lines. This is a diversified offer as a fundamental distinguishing feature compared to traditional networks that manage only traditional funds internally. In fact, these banking products are increasingly in demand by professional and institutional customers, two highly customized investment sectors geared towards specific needs”.

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The opening of the “Alternative Investments” division began with the hiring of dr. Andrea Florio who boasts consolidated experience in the field of asset management. A new and important internal resource who was immediately dedicated to collecting expressions of interest for investments from the market aimed at opening the new “Alternative Investments” division of Cherry Bank.

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