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Children, the single check arrives: 20 billion for families

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ROMA – The single and universal allowance for children is law. After the unanimity of the House in July, yesterday the Senate also approved the text with 227 yes, 4 abstentions and no opposition. Now the government has less than a hundred days to issue legislative decrees and thus meet the July target to disburse the first money, in the form of cash or tax credit. It is in fact a law that delegates the executive to “reorganize, simplify and strengthen the measures in support of dependent children”. There are 20 billion available: 14 billion from the cancellation of eight existing measures (bonuses, deductions, checks) and 6 billion fresh. But they are considered insufficient.

Single allowance for children, this is how the new support for families works

As anticipated by Republic, 1 million and 350 thousand families – where dependent work prevails – are likely to receive less than what they earn today. Without a graft of funds, instead of 250 euros per month for each child – the figure indicated by Prime Minister Draghi – on average, 161 euros would be collected, with a décalage based on the ISEE all to be drawn. According to the recent simulation of Arel, E. Gorrieri Foundation and Alliance for children, it takes at least 800 million more to not penalize anyone. The gains would be 6 million and 280 thousand families, in particular the self-employed and incapable who today do not enjoy checks and deductions.

“30% of households can actually have disadvantages,” he confirms Tommaso Nannicini, Senator Pd and author in 2018 of the first check proposal that later merged into the Delrio-Nannicini bill. “Even if the disadvantages are often small, they must be avoided. We must give a turning point to citizens, that politics really changes pace in support of the birth rate and female employment. Otherwise we risk the boomerang, of betraying the legitimate expectations of families. . And to have two regimes in the field: the old and the new. A mess far removed from the objective of a single and universal reform “.

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Nannicini (Pd): “Two billion more for the single allowance for children, otherwise we risk a boomerang”

by Valentina Conte

Nannicini’s proposal is “to immediately put 2 billion as a safeguard clause to avoid penalties: they can be taken from the tax reform fund”. And then add, with the next budget law, “another 2 billion to cancel the 0.68% contribution”, the one paid today by employers to finance family allowances for employees (in addition to what the State puts forward) that they are canceled to merge into the single allowance. “From 1 January 2022 we will thus also have an expansionary effect, thanks to the reduction of the tax wedge”.

Nannicini also invites us to consider a possible discouraging effect on female employment given that the allowance is calibrated on the ISEE: the lower the ISEE is, as when only one works, the more the allowance goes up. “In the 2018 bill we avoided resorting to the ISEE, but since it is now there we could consider only the income component and not also the assets, so as not to discourage the second income earner, usually women”.

The Minister of the Family is satisfied Elena Bonetti (Iv): “Today is a good day for Italy because a new time begins, that of the future. The check is a historic step, others will follow: never again will a woman have to choose between work and family”. The Families Forum is satisfied, recalling four years of battles with five governments and two flash-mobs with empty strollers. “We now ask for the last effort,” says the president Gigi De Palo. “An adequate financial endowment, so that it is able to really help families with children. Giving up now would be unforgivable”.

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