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China Climate Engagement Initiative Launches, Wang Zhongmin Appointed Chairman of Council

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China Climate Joint Participation Platform Officially Launched, Wang Zhongmin Named Chairman of the Council

Beijing, China – On July 11, the China Climate Engagement Initiative (CCEI) was launched in the capital city. This platform, jointly initiated by the Beijing Institute of Green Finance and Sustainable Development and the China Responsible Investment Forum (China SIF), aims to promote green and low-carbon transformation in Chinese invested companies.

The CCEI platform, led by 24 institutional investors, including E Fund and China Asset Management, aims to assist these investors in actively participating in efforts to address climate change. These founding members have committed to taking a leading role in promoting sustainable practices and championing environmental responsibility.

The chairman of the CCEI platform council is Wang Zhongmin, former vice chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund. With his vast experience in the financial sector, Zhongmin is well-equipped to guide the platform in its mission to drive positive change in China’s investment landscape.

Additionally, the CCEI platform appoints Ma Jun, director of the Green Finance Professional Committee of the China Society for Finance and Banking and president of the Beijing Institute of Green Finance and Sustainable Development, as a director and a member of the expert committee. Jun’s expertise in the field of green finance will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable in shaping the platform’s strategies and objectives.

With China being one of the world‘s largest investors, the CCEI platform is a significant step towards promoting sustainable investment practices within the country. By actively engaging institutional investors, the platform aims to encourage the adoption of environmentally-friendly and low-carbon practices by companies in which they invest.

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Through this collaborative effort, the CCEI platform intends to make a positive impact on China’s transition towards a greener economy. By promoting the integration of climate considerations into investment decision-making, the platform seeks to accelerate the country’s efforts in tackling climate change and promoting sustainable development.

The launch of the China Climate Engagement Initiative marks a crucial milestone in China’s journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly financial system. With Wang Zhongmin at its helm, the platform is well-positioned to drive significant change and contribute to a greener future.

(Jiang Dan)

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