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China International Import Expo (CIIE) Showcases Surge in Green and Carbon-Reducing Technologies

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The Sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) has just concluded in Shanghai, boasting record-high intended transactions of 78.41 billion U.S. dollars. The event attracted more than 3,400 companies from around the world, with 289 of the world‘s top 500 and industry-leading companies participating, marking a new level of global engagement.

The CIIE is more than just an exhibition of imported goods – it has become an international platform for China and the world to connect in both directions. China’s efforts in carbon reduction and clean power generation have opened up significant opportunities for collaboration with international green technology suppliers. The expo has become a global arena for showcasing carbon emission reduction technologies, with green and low-carbon technologies taking center stage.

Anne Luo, a member of the Executive Committee of Siemens Energy AG, highlighted China’s unprecedented investment in low-carbon energy transition. She noted that China’s modernization requires the support of a modern energy system and that carbon neutrality is promoting international cooperation and technological innovation at a higher level.

Many multinational companies are recognizing China’s commitment to carbon reduction and participating in the CIIE to showcase their latest green and low-carbon technologies. At the expo, Siemens Energy featured competitive products like the SGT5-9000HL gas turbine and the Silyzer 300 water electrolysis hydrogen production unit, which gained significant attention. Other companies, such as Schneider Electric and Honeywell, also showcased their environmentally friendly and sustainable products and solutions.

Schneider Electric’s executive vice president, Yin Zheng, emphasized the company’s focus on digitalization, green, and low-carbon technologies to coincide with China’s “dual transformation” trend. The company also shared its achievements in green factories, zero-carbon factories, and digitalization efforts in China, reflecting the growing demand for sustainable and digital technologies in the Chinese market.

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The CIIE has provided a platform for companies to expand their cooperation with China, with Schneider Electric signing contracts with more than 30 companies, marking a 24% increase from the previous year. Similarly, Honeywell has also signed cooperation agreements with several Chinese companies, focusing on sustainable aviation fuel, waste plastic chemical recycling, and other sustainable development initiatives.

The CIIE has not only facilitated international cooperation but has also contributed to China’s efforts in attracting foreign investment. In the first half of this year, the overall scale of China’s actual use of foreign capital remained stable and focused on high-tech and green industries. The total import and export trade volume also reached record highs, demonstrating the country’s growing engagement in the global market.

As the world navigates towards sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, the CIIE serves as a critical platform for countries and companies to come together and contribute to global efforts in carbon reduction and clean energy technologies.

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