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China Securities Regulatory Commission Announces Measures to Boost Capital Market and Benefit Brokerages

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Title: China Securities Regulatory Commission Announces Measures to Boost Capital Market

Date: August 20, 2021

In a bid to invigorate the capital market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has unveiled a range of initiatives, including optimizing risk control indicators of securities companies, reducing margins and fee rates, and introducing Shenzhen Stock Exchange 100 stock index futures options. These measures will significantly impact the brokerage business in the country.

Analysts from various brokerages have expressed optimism about these measures, stating that they will contribute to increasing leverage limits for brokerages, enhancing capital efficiency, and fostering further growth and development in the industry. Moreover, these initiatives mark a major turning point in the policy environment of the derivatives market, allowing greater participation from institutional investors and significantly improving the depth of the derivatives market.

The regulatory authorities have already taken action, notifying brokerages in South China to prepare commission rate reduction plans and system debugging work. These plans must be submitted before August 24 and are expected to be implemented on August 28, with a focus on benefiting investors. This move aims to encourage brokerages to swiftly reduce commissions, thereby making trading more accessible and affordable for investors.

Large brokerage firms across the country have also received similar notices from the regulatory authorities. In response, many companies have already begun internal discussions and meetings to determine the relevant plans necessary for implementation. For instance, a prominent firm in East China has called for a meeting between their brokerage business and IT departments to devise a comprehensive strategy.

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Market participants anticipate that these measures will not only stimulate the capital market but also create a favorable environment for the overall growth of the brokerage industry. With reduced commissions and increased leverage limits, brokers are optimistic about attracting a larger base of investors and improving the overall efficiency of capital use.

The CSRC’s commitment and proactive steps to bolster the capital market demonstrate the Chinese government’s determination to create a more vibrant and globally competitive financial sector. As these measures take effect, market participants eagerly await the positive outcomes they are expected to bring to China’s capital market and its brokerage industry.

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