Home Business China State Construction (03311) rose nearly 5% to 6.14 yuan

China State Construction (03311) rose nearly 5% to 6.14 yuan

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China State Construction Engineering (03311) rose 4.96% to 6.14 yuan, the highest price was 6.15 yuan, a 1-month high, and the lowest price was 5.81 yuan; 14.5051 million shares were traded with a turnover of 87.936 million yuan; the active buy-sell ratio was 65:35, and the funds were net Actively inflow 22.1671 million yuan.Current largest net passive buyingBrokerageFor JP. MORGAN BRO (HK), with an amount of 4,620,900 yuan, and a weighted average transaction price of 6.067 yuan; the current largest net passive selling brokerage is Bank of China International Securities, with an amount of 6.7527 million yuan, and a weighted average transaction price of 6.051 yuan.

Currently, the Hang Seng Index is trading at 25282, down 411 points or 1.6%;Hang Seng China EnterpriseThe index reported 8888, down 187 points or 2.06%; the Hang Seng Technology Index reported 6282, down 176 points or 2.73%; the main board turnover was 105.438 billion yuan.

The Shanghai Composite Index reported 3505, down 35 points or 0.99%, with a turnover of 564.352 billion yuan.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Component Index reported 14443, down 254 points or 1.73%, with a turnover of 308.276 billion yuan.

(Article source: Economic Link China Station)

Article source: Economic Link China Station

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Original title: China Construction (03311) rose nearly 5% to 6.14 yuan

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