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China Super Holdings’ share price declines, investors’ investigation may bring an opportunity for claims

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(Original title: Investors’ investigation may bring an opportunity to claim compensation due to the falling stock price of China Super Holdings)

After the market on November 22, China Super Holdings (002471) issued an announcement stating that the company and the actual controller Yang Fei received the “Case Initiation Notice” from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The CSRC decided to file a case because the company and Yang Fei were suspected of violations of information disclosure. survey.

Affected by this news, on November 23, China Super Holdings opened at 3.0 yuan per share, and once hit the intraday limit. At the close of the day, the stock price fell 10% from the previous trading day to close at 2.88 yuan per share, closing the limit. As of November 19, 2021, the company has 69,669 shareholders. According to industry insiders, it is estimated that a large number of investors will file civil lawsuits against the company for misrepresentation of securities.

According to the law, listed companies shall bear civil liability for damages to investors’ rights due to false statements and other securities frauds. The scope of compensation includes investment balance, commission, stamp duty and interest losses. Lawyer Liu Peng from Shanghai Huzi Law Firm stated that investors who still hold the stock as of the close of November 22, 2021 can register through the WeChat public account “Public Securities News” (feature code: 11011) to participate in the claim collection. . The final claim conditions shall be determined by the court.

Although the Securities Regulatory Commission has only filed investigations on China Super Holdings and its actual controllers by disclosing violations of laws and regulations, and has not disclosed specific violations, China Super Holdings has previously made announcements on issues involving illegal guarantees.

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According to the “2021 Third Quarter Report” issued by Super Holdings on October 30, Huang Jinguang, the former legal representative, chairman and actual controller of the company, used his position to privately engrave the company’s seal during his tenure in the company. Under the circumstances that the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders passed the review and approval, maliciously added guarantees for the original debts of himself and its related enterprises before they became the actual controller of the company, and the amount involved was 1.463 billion yuan.

China Super Holdings is currently in the process of resolving the lawsuits caused by illegal guarantees. As of the release date of the third quarterly report, the total amount of litigation involved in the cases that have been judged that the company does not need to be liable and effective has been 1.190 billion yuan, and the total amount of litigation involved in pending litigation is 273 million yuan. The company’s frozen assets that were sealed up due to a guarantee case have been partially lifted and sealed.

In addition, before this investigation by the Securities Regulatory Commission, China Super Holdings had received a letter of concern issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 2. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is concerned about the sale of idle assets by the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, and requires the company to supplement the details of the idle assets and the specific impact of this transaction on the company’s current and future financial conditions.

In terms of performance, China Super Holdings has maintained a profitable state from its listing to 2018, but it suddenly suffered a huge loss of 463 million yuan in 2019 and a profit of 11.04 million yuan in 2020. According to the 2021 third quarter report of China Super Holdings, in the first three quarters, the company achieved revenue of 4.184 billion yuan, an increase of 20.81% year-on-year; a loss of 33.183 million yuan, an increase of 11.73% year-on-year loss.

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