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China’s AI competitor is not doing well

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China’s AI competitor is not doing well

In particular, investors did not like a statement by Baidu founder Li at all. At least he was honest: “I can’t say we’re completely ready,” Li said. Ernie Bot is now being revealed because the market is demanding it. ChatGPT is a “high bar”. Tests with Ernie Bot had shown that he was “not perfect yet”. As is well known, this also applies to ChatGPT. The popular OpenAI program has quirks and is considered a “work in progress”. In a direct comparison, Baidu still looked bad.

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What particularly disturbed observers during the Baidu presentation: Li did not interact live with Ernie Bot. Instead, he played prepared use cases. Incidentally, Ernie Bot’s interface looks almost exactly like ChatGPT: In a kind of chat field, you can ask the program questions and get answers and issue work orders. For example, it was shown how Ernie Bot summarizes the well-known Chinese science fiction novel “Three-Body Problem”. The tool also asked for the author’s biographical information. However, this task could also have been solved quickly with a conventional search engine.

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