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China’s “Seed Plan” Promotes Hainan Prefecture’s Tibetan Sheep Industry at Beijing Event

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Title: China’s “Seed Project” Promotion Showcases Hainan Tibetan Sheep Industry in Beijing

Date: September 10, 2022

On September 10, the bustling Xinfadi Market in Beijing became the venue for a special promotion meeting for China’s “Seed Project” and the agricultural and livestock products of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. The event aimed to showcase the advantages of the Tibetan sheep industry and foster regional brand building for characteristic agricultural and livestock products.

The promotion meeting, hosted by Xinhuanet, featured various activities such as closed-door meetings on production and marketing, special releases, and exhibitions and sales activities. These initiatives were designed to highlight the quality and unique aspects of Hainan Prefecture’s Tibetan sheep industry and contribute to its high-quality development.

President Shen Jiangying of Xinhuanet, who attended the event, emphasized the importance of promoting the Tibetan sheep industry by telling its story and reshaping its brand image. The aim is to provide comprehensive enabling services to Hainan Prefecture, including resource gathering, facilitating a high-quality development path, and improving the connection between production and marketing, resulting in increased sales and better prices for Tibetan sheep products.

Deputy Governor Anmula of the People’s Government of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture praised the region’s agricultural and animal husbandry resources, highlighting its position as the largest producer of highland barley in Qinghai Province. He also underlined the importance of aligning with the province’s major strategic plans, particularly in establishing a green and organic agricultural and livestock product export center. Hainan Prefecture aims to build a regional public brand for its “Tianlu Piaoxiang” agricultural and livestock products, and hopes that Xinhuanet’s traceability of China’s “Seed Plan” can contribute to expanding export channels.

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Zhang Yuxi, Chairman of Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., expressed his commitment to leveraging the resource advantages of both Xinfadi Market and “Tianlu Piaoxiang” to ensure a more diverse and abundant supply of vegetables, fruits, and meats for the citizens of Beijing.

Cuo Maojia, Secretary General of Hainan Tibetan Sheep Industry Association, highlighted the prefecture’s efforts in building a green and organic agricultural and livestock product export center. Through this initiative, Hainan Prefecture has successfully established a unified brand for its agricultural and animal husbandry industry, positioning itself as a synonym for high-quality, clean, rare, and special products.

During the promotion meeting, the Hainan Plateau’s “Tianlu Piaoxiang” regional public brand was included in the list of traceable Chinese trusted brands, further enhancing its reputation and recognition.

Several agreements were also signed during the event, including a contract between the People’s Government of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Beijing Xinfadi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and a cooperation agreement between Qinghai Fulhong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Jiafan Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd. These agreements aim to strengthen cooperation and promote the trade of agricultural and livestock products between the provinces.

The promotion meeting concluded with the unveiling ceremony of the Qinghai Hall at the Xinfadi International Agricultural Products Exhibition Center. Guests had the opportunity to taste the special agricultural and livestock products from Hainan Prefecture, further promoting their unique characteristics and flavor.

Overall, the promotion meeting successfully showcased the strengths and potential of Hainan Prefecture’s Tibetan sheep industry, fostering regional brand building and promoting high-quality development. With Xinhuanet’s traceability of China’s “Seed Plan,” Hainan Prefecture aims to expand its export channels and elevate its agricultural and livestock products to a higher level both nationally and internationally.

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