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Chinese concept stocks soared tonight! _ Oriental Fortune Network

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Chinese concept stocks soared tonight! _ Oriental Fortune Network

Chinese Concept Stocks and U.S. Supreme Court Case Make Headlines

Chinese concept stocks experienced a surge with the Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index rising by over 2% during U.S. stock trading. NVIDIA also saw a notable increase, surpassing Google in market value and becoming the third most valuable company in the United States. Market analysts have attributed this upward trajectory to strong supporting factors such as inflation, interest rates, and earnings reports.

In other news, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to intervene in former President Donald Trump’s federal election case. The court has ordered the Department of Justice’s Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith, to respond to Trump’s appeal before the 20th of this month. Trump’s appeal is related to his presidential immunity and his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The Supreme Court’s involvement in this case adds another layer of complexity to the legal proceedings surrounding Trump’s actions during and after his presidency. Trump’s lawyers claim that advancing the election case against him will greatly disrupt his political endeavors and should be delayed. The final decision from the Supreme Court could impact the trajectory of the case and the implications for Trump’s future political ambitions.

Lastly, the highly anticipated movie “Let’s Shake the Sun Together” has announced its withdrawal from the Spring Festival schedule and a postponement to March 30. The production company, @lianruipictures, expressed regret for the scheduling error and emphasized the film’s message of optimism and encouragement for ordinary people.

As the global economy continues to navigate various challenges, these news events are sure to capture the attention of investors and citizens worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on these developing stories.

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(Source: China Fund News)

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