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Chong Hing leads the digital foundation, ZTE debuts at the 2022 World 5G Conference

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Chong Hing leads the digital foundation, ZTE debuts at the 2022 World 5G Conference

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On August 10th, the 2022 World 5G Conference with the theme of “Building a 5G Ecosystem and Promoting Co-creation and Common Benefit” officially opened in Harbin. The conference invited leaders of international industry organizations, academicians and experts in domestic and foreign information communication and related fields, nuclear high-level Experts and scholars in the field of industry, including basic technology, integrated circuits, and the chief technical engineer of major national science and technology projects in information and communications, will participate in the exhibition. The exhibition will be held in the form of a combination of online and offline, covering the cutting-edge technologies and innovations of the entire 5G upstream and downstream industry chain. Products, Manufacturing and Typical Applications.

ZTE participated in this conference with the theme of “Chuangxing Leading Digital Foundation” and shared ZTE’s latest solutions and achievements in 5G innovation, industry transformation, and integration of digital technology and the real economy.

The ZTE exhibition area is located at C05, Hall A, Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center. It showcases ZTE’s full-stack independent innovation in five major sections, including “independent innovation”, “5G integration”, “green ICT”, “industry empowerment” and “smart terminal”. , the latest achievements in 5G cloud-network integration capabilities, “end-to-end” series products and industry digital comprehensive solutions.

In the “Independent Innovation and Time Travel” exhibition area, the latest progress of ZTE’s self-created “core”, distributed database, operating system OS and other underlying core technologies is highlighted. , Self-Intelligent Network, Enterprise Network, New Home Infrastructure FTTR, ZEGO Modular Data Center, Extreme Computing Power, Computing Power Base Station, etc., comprehensively introduce ZTE’s 5G hard core strength and cloud network integration practice; in terms of green ICT, digital economy forest The exhibition items such as Yin Road, Green Site, and New Energy explain how ZTE can improve the efficiency of network energy use and build a green and low-carbon 5G network.

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ZTE has innovated and precipitated the “5G + Digital Nebula” two-wheel-driven digital transformation architecture, digital capability system, digital city, video middle-end, 5G private network security, smart manufacturing, smart mining, smart transportation, smart power, and new calls to empower banks Customer service, XR Metaverse, 5G smart helmets and other industry empowerment achievements were presented one by one.

In Heilongjiang Province, where the conference was held, ZTE cooperated with operators to provide high-speed, ubiquitous and reliable network connections for many industries, including the 5G coverage of Harbin Metro and Mujia High-speed Railway; The first 4.9GHz industrial private network; the first agricultural private network in the province was set up in the Sanjiang Farm in Jiamusi. Previously, ZTE and the Heilongjiang provincial government signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement. ZTE took this opportunity to continue to promote the implementation of core technologies in Heilongjiang and empower the development of the local digital economy.

In addition to enabling industries, ZTE also customizes terminal products for consumers with different needs, as well as a number of government, enterprise, and industry customers. Committed to building a full-scene smart terminal ecosystem to bring more fresh experiences to consumers.

ZTE also participated in the competition for two awards, “Top Ten 5G Application Cases” and “5G Converged Application Unveiling Competition” at this conference. Among them, three cases of “5G Smart Tianjin Port”, “China Southern Power Grid 5G Smart Grid”, “5G Vehicle-Road Collaboration System Key Technology and Industrial Application” participated by ZTE have been selected as “5G Top Ten Application Cases”, and the number of awards is among all Top among the contestants.

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In the 5G Converged Application Unveiling Competition, ZTE has led and participated in 6 projects that have been shortlisted for the finals, including “Key Technologies and Industrial Applications of 5G Vehicle-Road Collaboration System”, “5G Empowering Hainan Free Trade Port Internet of Vehicles Demonstration Zone”, “5G Helping Tianjin Port to build a smart and green world-class port”, “Shandong Energy Group’s 5G Smart Mine Application”, “Tianshu 5G Internet-connected UAV “Cloud Network Edge” AI System Helps Create a Safe China”, “Leading the Digital and Intelligent Transformation of Railways” , to create “5G Smart Guangzhou Railway” and other projects.

In addition, ZTE’s executives and technical expert team will also discuss “Global 5G Technology Cooperation”, “5G and Media”, “5G-A/6G”, “Metaverse”, “5G and Industrial Revitalization”, “5G and Wisdom” In many forums and seminars such as “Mining”, the latest achievements and trends of 5G technology, 5G vertical industry applications, as well as 6G green wireless technology, 5G cloud XR and other cutting-edge communication development insights, please look forward to it.

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