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Chongqing Beer will make a net profit of 1.166 billion yuan in 2021 and continue to develop high-end routes

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Original title: Chongqing Beer will make a net profit of 1.166 billion yuan in 2021 and continue to develop its high-end route

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Net profit of 1.166 billion yuan

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Global Network Financial Consumer Information Reporter Wen Xin

According to the 2021 annual report released by Chongqing Beer, the company achieved a beer sales volume of 2.7894 million kiloliters, an increase of 15.10% over the 2.4236 million kiloliters in the same period of the previous year; the company achieved an operating income of 13.119 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.90%; realized a net profit of 1.166 billion yuan, A year-on-year increase of 8.30%; basic earnings per share is 2.41 yuan; the company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 20 yuan (tax included) for every 10 shares.

The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Beer said in an interview with a reporter from Global Network Financial Consumer Information: “At the end of 2020, Chongqing Beer completed a major asset restructuring, and Carlsberg injected all high-quality beer assets in China into Chongqing Beer. As a result, Chongqing Beer has not only become a Carlsberg Beer The only platform for operating beer assets in China has grown into the fourth largest beer company in China, with 26 breweries and a market covering all over the country. From the perspective of products, high-end development promotes performance growth. The major asset restructuring in 2020 will make Chongqing Beer It has a brand combination of ‘local strong brands + international high-end brands’. Among them, the international high-end brands include Carlsberg, Roborg, Kaixuan 1664, Greenburgh, Brooklyn, Xiafen, etc., and the local strong brands include Wusu, Chongqing, Shancheng, Xixia, Dali, Fenghuaxueyue, Beijing A, etc., meet consumers’ consumption needs in different scenarios and become one of the core competitiveness of Chongqing Beer. The report shows that in 2021, the proportion of Chongqing Beer’s high-end products in the product mix will increase. The sales volume and revenue increased by 47.7% and 67.5% respectively. The increase in sales of Wusu in markets outside Xinjiang and the sales growth of 1664 and Carlsberg are all important driving forces for the increase in the proportion of high-end products in Chongqing beer. In addition, innovation , focusing on new products, new scenarios, and new retail. In order to meet consumer demand, Chongqing Beer will implement a series of measures in promoting new products, new scenarios, and new channels in 2021. In 2021, Wusu brand will be launched in e-commerce channels’ Loulan Secret Brew’ is widely popular among beer lovers. The Chongqing brand has launched Chongqing Yuyue and Chongqing V series in Chongqing and Guizhou respectively. Following the apple flavor, the summer fruit wine has a new blackberry flavor. It further enriches the product matrix of Chongqing Beer. At the same time, Chongqing Beer explores new consumption scenarios, and the winery hot pot launched in Chongqing combines Chongqing hot pot and Chongqing beer, two major Chongqing business cards, to add new consumption scenarios for consumers .”

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At the same time, the person in charge focused on capacity expansion. Chongqing Beer has increased investment, further optimized the production network, and increased production capacity to meet the growing market demand. In 2021, Dali Winery’s high-speed canning line, Yancheng Winery, and Yibin Winery’s high-speed canning line will be put into operation one after another, making Chongqing Beer’s production capacity layout more reasonable and effectively alleviating supply pressure. In 2021, Chongqing Beer will also deploy and officially announce the Foshan production base project and the Xichang winery technical transformation and expansion project to reserve production capacity for future sales growth. Among them, the investment in the Foshan base is not less than 1.03 billion yuan, and the designed production capacity is 500,000 kiloliters per year. The construction will start in 2022 and put into production in 2024. In February 2022, the technical renovation and expansion project of Xichang Heavy Beer Company with an investment of about 102 million yuan has started construction and is expected to be put into operation in October this year. By then, the production capacity of Xichang Heavy Beer Company will be expanded to 110,000 kiloliters.

Regarding the 2022 plan, Chongqing Beer disclosed in its 2021 annual report that in 2022, the company will continue to promote high-end products in the core market and consolidate the share of core beer in accordance with the established strategy; large cities plan to continue to accelerate expansion, and at the same time in some key markets Optimize product mix and strengthen implementation; promote digitalization of sales channels.

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In terms of traditional retail, the company will rapidly promote the business growth of small business formats in non-spot beverage channels, while continuing to maintain sales growth in large business formats and spot beverage channels and further increase market share.

In terms of supply chain, the company will further break the bottleneck of production capacity and realize the principle of supplying products nearby. Focus on optimizing the bottle return network to improve the bottle return rate. Continue to promote Carlsberg’s “Towards Zero Together” sustainable development plan in the company, committed to reducing water consumption, and further reducing carbon emissions by using renewable electricity, reducing heat loss and other measures.

Li Zhigang, president of Chongqing Beer, said publicly: “In 2022, we will continue to promote high-end products, deepen the ‘big city’ plan, and continue to develop emerging sales channels such as e-commerce, O2O, and new retail. Under the strategic guidance of ‘Yangfan 22’ , the company will not only become a successful, professional and attractive beer company in the market where it operates, but also actively respond to the country’s call for the ‘3060’ dual-carbon goal, and continue to promote the ‘towards zero goal together’ sustainable development plan to contribute to the sustainable development of society.”

Kaiyuan Securities Research Report mentioned that Chongqing Beer’s high-end products continue to promote the nationalization of Wusu and 1664. Among them, Wusu is positioned as high-end, bound to barbecue and other catering scenes. The brand positioning above the hard core is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and word-of-mouth marketing has successfully emerged from the circle. Under the high brand potential, consumers have a high self-point rate. After the pure raw series, there is another high-end single product with a level of more than one million tons. As the penetration rate of women’s alcoholic beverages increases, 1664 is expected to become another major item against RIO. The regional market segmentation of beer is one of the essential characteristics of the beer business. In the market, the company uses Wusu and 1664 as the starting point to cut into the high-end beer market in big cities, and constantly improves the channel network and introduces more brand combinations. In terms of production capacity, the company actively deploys production capacity in Guangdong and Jiangsu, optimizes production capacity layout, improves economies of scale and operational efficiency, and supports the nationalization process of brands such as Wusu and 1664.

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