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Chongqing Brewery Dominates Asia’s Largest Beer Competition for Third Consecutive Year

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Chongqing Brewery Dominates Asia’s Largest Beer Competition for Third Consecutive Year

Asia’s Largest Beer Competition: Chongqing Brewery Wins Most Awards Three Years in a Row

The 2023 China International Beer Challenge, deemed as the largest professional beer event in Asia and a recognized standard for beer quality in the industry, recently held its award ceremony in Qingdao, Shandong on July 14. Chongqing Brewery emerged as the big winner once again, with 13 of its products claiming awards, including the prestigious 4-star Tianlu Award for its Greenburg White Ale. This marks the third consecutive year that Chongqing Brewery has dominated the competition and secured the highest honor.

The scale of this year’s challenge was unparalleled, with a record-breaking 66 judges, including national wine experts, beer judge certification program (BJCP) tasters, and past judges, evaluating a staggering 2,827 entries. Utilizing an online scoring system, the declared beer products were assessed scientifically, systematically, and objectively. Out of the 369 beers in 12 categories that made it to the final round, Chongqing Brewery’s offerings stood out and clinched the prestigious “Tianlu Award.”

Chongqing Brewery’s “6+6” brand portfolio showcased a remarkable performance, with both local strong brands and international high-end brands garnering recognition in this year’s competition. Among the 13 award-winning products, Greenburg White Ale was conferred the 4-star award, while Greenburg Red Ale, Beijing A Tuhao Jin Pilsner, Brooklyn Defender Indian Pale Ale, and Wusu Beer Loulan Secret Brew received 3-star honors. Chongqing Guobin Chunmai and 1664 Passion Fruit secured 2-star awards, while 1664 Pink, Jing-A Flying Fist Indian Pale Ale, Jing-A Black Velvet Vanilla Stout, Summer Fun Blackberry, Tuborg, and Chongqing Chunsheng acquired 1-star awards.

The success of Chongqing Brewery at the China International Beer Challenge is not a one-time phenomenon. The brewery’s brands, alongside Brooklyn Brand, have consistently been recognized in the competition for five consecutive years since its inception in 2018. Notably, Chongqing Guobin Chunmai has triumphed four times, earning the prestigious “Star” recognition. Additionally, Tuborg, Summer Fen Blackberry, Wusu Loulan Secret Brew, and Chongqing Chunsheng have secured the Tianlu Award for the second consecutive time after their triumph last year.

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Chongqing Brewery’s continued success in Asia’s largest beer competition reflects its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the beer industry. With each passing year, the brewery solidifies its foothold as a leader in the Asian beer market, setting the bar high for its competitors.


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