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Christmas, shopping is less and less online: 6 out of 10 Italians leave the web to go back to the shops

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Over 6 out of 10 Italians (64%) move part of their purchases from the web to traditional shops, with a tendency to regain direct contact with products, despite concerns about the rise in infections. This is what emerges, in the days leading up to Christmas, from a Coldiretti / Censis analysis released on the latest Istat data on retail trade in October, which highlight the first historic decline since 2016 in online sales, down by 3.7% , while businesses operating on small surfaces are recovering (+ 5.8%).
“In shopping in physical places, from shops to markets – explain Coldiretti / Censis – Italians find a dimension that is not satisfied by the web, of which they have felt nostalgia in the pandemic and which they want to recover as soon as possible, with a need felt above all by women (68%) and wealthy groups (70%) ». The phenomenon is mainly driven by the experience of farmers’ markets, indicated by 73% of Italians as the place to go back to shopping, according to Coldiretti / Censis, also driven by the desire to recover or maintain the direct relationship of trust between consumer and company. agricultural. An opportunity made possible by the fact that Italy – explains Coldiretti – is the EU country with the largest organized network of farmers’ markets with 12,000 farmers involved in around 1,200 farmer markets in Campagna Amica.

“An organized system from north to south of the country which – concludes Coldiretti – has not only an economic value but also plays an important social function during the health emergency, pushing the rediscovery of community life, supporting freedom of choice and awareness of consumers in the choice of products, promoting food education, spreading knowledge of the territories “.

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