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Chrysler, 100% electric range from 2028

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In Las Vegas, Chrysler presented the Airflow Concept which, while representing a real showcase of the solutions that will be adopted on other products in the future, could anticipate a production model. According to what has been declared, the first Chrysler electric will reach the market as early as 2025, but it will be in 2028 that the brand will have an all electric lineup, thus paving the way for a transformation that will then affect all the main brands of the Stellantis group. While not providing complete technical data, Chrysler has estimated a range of between 563 and 644 km (350-400 miles) for the Airflow Concept. The vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive thanks to an electric motor for each axle (each with 204 horsepower), but the platform can also accommodate units of greater power. In all likelihood, Airflow should use the Stla Medium platform that Stellantis announced for the premium models (in production from 2024), capable of accommodating batteries with capacities between 87 and 104 kWh. The Airflow is also ready for Level 3 assisted driving (Stla AutoDrive) using the Stla Brain platform which guarantees remote updates to offer increasingly advanced features over time.

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