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Circular economy: Itelyum acquires Ecowatt Vidardo

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Circular economy: Itelyum acquires Ecowatt Vidardo

Itelyum continues its growth path also through external lines. The group, which specializes in the circular economy and in particular in the management and valorisation of special waste, has acquired Ecowatt Vidardo, marking a new operation that adds to those that took place in the last six months, relating to the management of port waste (Crismani, now Itelyum Sea FVG), the treatment and recovery of materials and metals (Ecologica Tredi) and in the sector of engineering and management of water treatment plants,

Acquisitions that have contributed to the horizontal growth of the Lombard group, which now has 28 companies and 29 operating sites, employs more than 1,200 people and has around 35,000 customers in over 60 countries around the world.

Within its plant in Castiraga Vidardo, in the province of Lodi, Ecowatt carries out a waste-to-energy activity of SSF (secondary solid fuel) obtained from non-hazardous and non-recyclable special waste, as well as from biomass waste. The plant produces a volume of electricity sufficient to meet the needs of over 10 thousand families and replaces the production of electricity from fossil sources, avoiding the consequent emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, for a total of approximately 10 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent with reference to the Italian energy mix.

Itelyum works for the decarbonisation of the supply chains in which it intervenes, as well as carrying out research and development activities applied to the regeneration processes of special waste, aimed at increasing the type of waste treated.

Technological innovation and artificial intelligence are present in Itelyum plants, which aim for constant improvement in terms of energy efficiency.

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