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Citroìn AMI 100% ìlectric innovative even after purchase

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Citroìn Ami – 100% ìlectric, is an ultra-compact mobility solution that offers two people a quiet and smooth ride, with a range of 75 km. Easy to use, it’s easy to refill and it’s also easy to buy, directly online. Object of unconventional and revolutionary mobility, as for the purchase as well as for customization or for small maintenance interventions, it offers a completely digital customer path. The reference site is Mister Auto, an e-commerce portal for accessories and spare parts, a section of which is completely dedicated to Ami -100% ìlectric (https://www.mister-auto.it/citroen/ami/ ) Here you can buy and receive Ami -100% ìlectric accessories and spare parts directly at home, starting with the customization packs to transform Ami -100% ìlectric into My AMI Orange, My AMI Gray, My AMI Khaki and My AMI Blue . Each Pack includes some decorative elements, such as adhesive stickers, wheel covers and mats, and other functional elements such as the central separation net, the containment nets for the doors, storage compartments on the dashboard, hook for the passenger side bag, smartphone holder. , connect box DAT @ AMI to connect the smartphone to Ami. The assembly of the elements of the Pack is very simple and is facilitated by a video tutorial that guides you step by step to the customization of Ami -100% ìlectri. The elements of the Pack can also be purchased individually by choosing them from a catalog that includes over 150 items dedicated to customization, comfort and maintenance. On the site, you can also buy some components for comfort, such as the internal rear-view mirror, the hands-free kit or the sunshade, or the adapter to be able to recharge your Ami -100% ìlectric even from a public charging station. Even all small maintenance operations can be carried out in full autonomy, by purchasing the necessary components on the Mister Auto site and then having fun carrying out small interventions, guided, also in this case, by video tutorials that teach how to replace wipers, bulbs, rear-view mirrors , fuses. The videos are available in the maintenance section of the site https://www.citroen.it/ami or directly on the Citroìn Italia YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlistCitroenAMI The interventions for which it is necessary contact the Authorized Network are those relating to the scheduled maintenance plan which provides for systematic reviews every 2 years or 20 thousand kilometers, replacement of the cabin filter every 2 years, replacement of brake fluid every 4 years, interventions on the reducer every 6 years or 100 thousand kilometres. For these operations it will therefore be necessary to contact the authorized Service Network, now made up of about 137 Citroìn Service Centers, in possession of the specific equipment to carry out maintenance operations. The maintenance plan is attached to the on-board documentation and is always available in the MyCitroìn APP which represents a real connection interface between the Customer and his Ami – 100% ìlectric: it allows you to be informed at any time on the available autonomy, mileage, state of charge and remaining time for a 100% recharge and maintenance notices. The application also facilitates the identification of the nearest public charging stations, a feature proposed by Free2Move Services. (ITALPRESS). tvi / com 19-Apr-21 18:34

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