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Civil Rights Protection | *ST Jitang: Stocks will enter the delisting period for trading | Rights Protection_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Civil Rights Protection | *ST Jitang: Stocks will enter the delisting period for trading | Rights Protection_Sina Finance_Sina.com

June 1, 2022*ST JitangAnnouncement that the stock has entered the delisting adjustment period for trading. It can be seen from this: the starting date of the company’s stocks entering the delisting arrangement period is June 10, 2022, and the expected last trading date is June 30, 2022; within 5 trading days after the expiry of the delisting arrangement period, Shanghai Securities Trading The exchange will delist the company’s shares, and the company’s shares will be terminated from listing. During the trading period of the company’s stock during the delisting period, the company will not plan or implement major asset restructuring matters.

Special reminder: Investors or custodian brokers and other market entities are requested to complete the stock pledged repurchase, agreed repurchase, margin financing and securities lending, refinancing, Shanghai Stock Connect and other businesses in a timely manner before the stock is terminated from listing and delisted; For the judicial freezing business that expires during the period of stock registration and listing in the delisting sector after delisting, it is recommended that the competent authorities handle the freezing renewal procedures in advance through the original assistance execution channel before the stock is terminated from listing.

In addition, the progress of the company’s previous investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission has also attracted market attention. It is understood that the illegal facts of *ST Jitang have been confirmed. According to relevant judicial interpretations, those who bought during the period from April 22, 2017 to April 27, 2020 and sold after April 28, 2020 or are still held and have incurred a certain floating loss (regardless of whether they are released or not) Investors can protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels.You can also send your name, contact number, and transaction history (an Excel file is recommended) to[email protected]to participate in the collection of claims organized by the “Private Rights Protection” column of “Securities Market Red Weekly”. Investors participating in this activity do not need to pay any attorney fees before obtaining compensation, and the final compensation shall be subject to the court judgment.

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Regarding the illegal facts of the company, we can see from the previous announcement: 1. There are false records in Tongjitang’s “2016 Annual Report”, “2017 Annual Report” and “2018 Annual Report”, falsely increasing operating income, operating costs, Selling and administrative expenses led to the total inflated profits from 2016 to 2018 of 680 million yuan, 920 million yuan, and 830 million yuan, respectively. 2. There are false records in Tongjitang’s “2019 Annual Report”, which falsely increased other business income by 386 million yuan, and falsely increased the total profit by 386 million yuan. 3. Tongjitang did not disclose in a timely manner and did not disclose in its annual reports from 2016 to 2019 the connected transactions of the controlling shareholder and its related parties for non-operating capital occupation. 4. Tongjitang failed to truthfully disclose the deposit and actual use of the company’s raised funds. V. Tongjitang did not disclose in a timely manner and did not disclose in the “2018 Annual Report” and “2019 Annual Report” the relevant matters concerning the provision of guarantees and major lawsuits for the controlling shareholder and its related parties as required.

According to the facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of social harm of the illegal acts of the parties, and in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 197 of the Securities Law, it is decided: 1. Tongjitang shall be ordered to make corrections, given a warning, and a fine of 3 million yuan 2. A warning to Zhang Meihua, Li Qing and his wife, and a combined fine of 5 million yuan, of which the person in charge who is directly responsible will be fined 3 million yuan, and the actual controller will be fined 2 million yuan; 3. Wei Junqiao will be given a warning , and imposed a fine of 1 million yuan.

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The reporter noticed that as of April 11, 2022, the closing price of *ST Jitang was 0.96 yuan. Next, we will continue to track the progress of relevant events, and small and medium investors who meet the rights protection conditions can also make rights protection claims through relevant legal channels.

The private rights protection column of “Securities Market Red Weekly” provides investors with securities rights protection, shareholder litigation and other related consulting and services, so that investors who have suffered losses due to violations of listed companies can protect themselves through legal channels without having to invest any lawyer fees in the early stage. legitimate rights and interests.

We only wish to use the power of the media to solve problems for the majority of investors on the road to safeguard their rights.

Investors who want to participate in the rights protection collection activities of listed companies can send their names, contact information and transaction records of rights protection stocks to the mailbox:

[email protected]

Or directly add a column WeChat account to submit rights protection information:




Rights consultation telephone:18500204922/010-85651425

For more details on rights protection stocks, please visit:










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