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Civil Rights Protection | *ST Kaile was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission | Civil_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Civil Rights Protection | *ST Kaile was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission | Civil_Sina Finance_Sina.com

May 23, 2022*ST KellerAnnouncement on receiving the notice of filing a case from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. It can be seen from this that the company received the “Notice of Filing a Case” (No.: Zheng Jian Li An Zi 03720220058) issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on May 23, 2022. Due to the company’s suspected information disclosure violations, according to the “Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “The People’s Republic of China Administrative Punishment Law” and other laws and regulations, the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to file a case against the company.

In this regard, *ST Kaile said in the announcement: During the investigation period, the company will actively cooperate with the work of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and perform information disclosure obligations in strict accordance with regulations. Investors are advised to pay attention to relevant announcements and pay attention to investment risks.

As for the specific results of the investigation, we still need to wait for the follow-up investigation of the CSRC. Once it is determined that the listed company is subject to administrative punishment by the CSRC for false statements, according to relevant judicial interpretations, it will be held at the close of business on July 23, 2021, and will be held in 2021. Sell ​​or still hold after July 24 and have incurred a certain floating loss (whether or not to unwind) or hold at the close on May 23, 2022, and sell or still hold and hold after May 24, 2022 Investors who have incurred a certain amount of floating losses (whether or not to solve the problem) can protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels.You can also send your name, contact number, and transaction history (an Excel file is recommended) to[email protected]to participate in the pre-collection of claims organized by the “Private Rights Protection” column of “Securities Market Red Weekly”. Investors participating in this activity do not need to pay any attorney fees before obtaining compensation, and the final claim conditions and compensation shall be subject to the court judgment.

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In addition, the reporter saw from *ST Keller’s announcement on the progress of the creditors’ application for reorganization and pre-reorganization issued on May 14, 2022: As of the disclosure date of this announcement, the company is actively assisting the interim administrator to advance the pre-reorganization in an orderly manner. Relevant work in the reorganization stage, and will pay close attention to the relevant progress and fulfill the obligation of information disclosure in a timely manner.

As of the disclosure date of this announcement, there is still uncertainty as to whether the company will officially enter the reorganization process. Regardless of whether it enters the reorganization process or not, the company will actively do a good job in daily operation and management on the existing basis. If the court decides to accept the reorganization application filed by the creditors and implement the reorganization plan smoothly, it will help to optimize the company’s asset-liability structure and enhance the company’s continuous operation and profitability; if the reorganization fails, the company will be declared bankrupt. . If the company is declared bankrupt, according to Article 9.4.13 of the “Stock Listing Rules”, the company’s shares will face the risk of being delisted.

The reporter noticed that on May 24, 2022, the stock price of *ST Kaile fell by the limit of 2.22 yuan. Next, we will continue to pay attention to the progress of related events of the company.

The private rights protection column of “Securities Market Red Weekly” provides investors with securities rights protection, shareholder litigation and other related consulting and services, so that investors who have suffered losses due to listed companies’ violations can protect themselves through legal channels without having to invest any lawyers’ fees in the early stage. legitimate rights and interests.

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We only wish to use the power of the media to solve problems for the majority of investors on the road to safeguard their rights.

Investors who want to participate in the rights protection collection activities of listed companies can send their names, contact information and transaction records of rights protection stocks to the mailbox:

[email protected]

Or directly add a column WeChat account to submit rights protection information:




Rights consultation telephone number:18500204922/010-85651425

For more details on rights protection stocks, please visit:










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