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Claudio Lippi, racist gaffe from Fialdini: “But is he a primate?” – VIDEO

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Claudio Lippi, racist gaffe from Fialdini: “But is he a primate?”  – VIDEO

With us… freewheeling, Claudio Lippi accused of racism. The presenter thus addresses a black boy: “But isn’t he a primate?”

That past was a rather busy Sunday up Ra1. As if they weren’t enough involuntary insults by Sgarbi to his daughters and the malicious question from Mara Venier to Pupo who froze the studio of Domenica In, thought about it Claudius Lippi to top up the dose. The former presenter was among the guests of With us.. freewheeling together with his daughter Federica on the occasion of Father’s Day. Lippi in fact became the protagonist of a curtain that aroused a certain indignation on the web for his racist solutions.

Claudio Lippi to a black boy: “But is he Italian? So he’s not a primate”

Claudius Lippi during the interview of Francesca Fialdini she noticed a black boy in the audience and wanted to ask him about his thick hair. The question was then followed by a very unhappy expression: “But he’s fantastic, is he Italian? Ah, half Brazilian? That’s why. But always in the human act, that is, he is a human being, he is not a primate”. Fialdini is sure to repeat the incident but the controversy broke out like a wave on social media. Not happy, Lippi then again slipped into a second gaffe speaking of the difference between motherhood and fatherhood: “Why was I born a man? I’ve always wondered. At least I was born Malgioglio! But nothing, not even that”.

Curiously, the presenter in an interview a few days ago with La Repubblica wondered why he no longer worked in television. It was he himself who answered with his comments to be condemned.

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