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Closing丨Shanghai index rose 0.64%, the auto chip sector was active

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Closing丨Shanghai index rose 0.64%, the auto chip sector was active

On March 23, the three major indexes collectively rose. The Shanghai Index rose 0.64%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.94%, and the ChiNext Index rose 0.83%. In general, individual stocks fell more than rose, and more than 2,800 individual stocks in the two cities fell.

In terms of sectors, automotive chips, semiconductors and components, 6G concepts, and precious metals sectors rose, while real estate services and Internet e-commerce sectors were the largest decliners.

Specifically, the automotive chip sector is active. As of the close, VeriSilicon, GigaDevice, and Tsinghua Unigroup had daily limit increases, while Biwin Storage, Fudan Microelectronics, and Orbit were among the top gainers.

The Internet e-commerce sector pulled back. As of the close, Kaichun shares fell more than 8%, with Liaison Interactive, Onenet One Innovation, and Lionhead among the top losers.

【Capital flows】

Wind data shows that the net purchase of northbound funds throughout the day was 4.808 billion yuan, of which the net purchase of Shanghai Stock Connect was 2.758 billion yuan, and the net purchase of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 2.051 billion yuan.

The main funds flowed into the electronics, computer, and communication sectors in late trading, and outflowed from the power equipment, media, and basic chemical industries.

In terms of individual stocks, HKUST Xunfei, GigaDevice, and Ziguang Guowei received net inflows of 2.044 billion yuan, 1.389 billion yuan, and 1.135 billion yuan, respectively.

In terms of net outflows, Xinhuanet, SMIC, and CATL suffered net outflows of 285 million yuan, 260 million yuan, and 250 million yuan, respectively.

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【Institutional viewpoint】

Guosheng Securities:Since the beginning of this year, the state-owned enterprise reform, the Belt and Road Initiative and digital-related technology sectors have seen a huge increase in the main line of the market. At present, the state-owned enterprise reform sector has begun to adjust, and the technology sector does not rule out the possibility of phased adjustments in the short term. , but related sectors frequently usher in favorable policies, and the market outlook is still expected to be repeatedly active. Under the support of policies, the long-suspended new energy sector may be expected to usher in an oversold rebound, which can be paid attention to in the short term.

Galaxy Securities:In the short term, as the overall trend of game version numbers is improving, the pressure on the company’s product launches will be relieved to a certain extent. With the start of a new round of product cycle, the profit side will gradually stabilize, and the positive signals released by the superimposed policy side are expected to increase The valuation of the game industry has been boosted, ushering in a market for repairing the valuation of the industry. In the long run, with the rapid development of AIGC, it is expected to help game manufacturers achieve low-cost and high-quality mass production of scenes and original paintings in the future, so as to reduce costs and improve efficiency for game manufacturers. Key recommendations are game companies with strong R&D capabilities and large R&D investment, as well as leading Internet technology companies on the AIGC.

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Dongguan Securities:Since the beginning of this year, my country’s economic stabilization policies and measures have continued to be implemented. From January to February, the added value of my country’s industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 2.4% year-on-year. Industrial production has resumed in an orderly manner, and the demand for electricity is relatively strong. As of the end of February, the installed capacity of generators in my country was 2.60 billion kilowatts, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year, of which the installed capacity of solar power and wind turbines increased rapidly year-on-year. As my country continues to promote the transformation of energy structure, the installed capacity of power generation maintains a green development trend. It is recommended to pay attention to key enterprises in the new energy power generation industry that are expected to benefit from the continuous advancement of my country’s energy structure transformation.

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