Home Business Closing丨The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.13%, with wind power and education sectors among the top gainers

Closing丨The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.13%, with wind power and education sectors among the top gainers

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Closing丨The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.13%, with wind power and education sectors among the top gainers

On October 21, the three major A-share indexes rose and fell mixed. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.13%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.42%, and the ChiNext Index fell 0.27%.

In terms of sectors, wind power and education sectors were among the top gainers, while oil and gas, hotel and catering sectors adjusted.

The wind power sector was active, with Shunfa Hengye, Jinkai Xinneng, Qifan Cable and other stocks at the daily limit, and the national cable test rose more than 17%.

The education sector is booming, China Hi-Tech, Qinshang Shares, and Guoxin Culture hit the daily limit, and Meijim rose nearly 5%.

【Capital flows】

Wind data shows that the unilateral net sales of northbound funds reached 8.923 billion yuan throughout the day, a new high since August 23; the cumulative reduction of positions in the five trading days this week reached 29.3 billion yuan, a new high in more than seven months.

The main funds continued to flow into the power equipment, medicine and biology, machinery and equipment sectors, and net outflows from food and beverage, non-bank finance, non-ferrous metals and other sectors.

In terms of individual stocks, Chuanyi Technology, Dezhan Health, and Hongta Securities received the main net inflows of 585 million yuan, 461 million yuan, and 448 million yuan respectively. In terms of net outflow, Kweichow Moutai, Guomai Technology, and Nantian Information were sold by 874 million yuan, 681 million yuan, and 504 million yuan respectively.

【Organization view】

Chuancai Securities:In the short term, the current market is still facing many uncertain risks overseas (the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the UK pension crisis, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, etc.), and it is necessary to be alert to the transmission effect of overseas risks on the domestic market; in the medium and long term, the domestic market continues to recover. China‘s macro-economy and a stable and adequate monetary policy make the A-share market more resilient and have higher risk resistance capabilities. In terms of direction, it is recommended to focus on the direction of reasonable valuation and policy support.

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CITIC Securities:At present, the valuation of the electronics sector is at the bottom of history, and the value of core assets is prominent. It reiterates that it actively pays attention to downstream terminals and focuses on innovation and increment. AIoT (watches and VR); it is also recommended to pay attention to the direction of incremental subdivisions with clear performance growth trends in the stock market, such as the subdivision of folding screens in the mobile phone market.

Western Securities:With the rapid growth of the scale of wind and solar power generation, the importance of energy storage is increasing. CSP is also expected to usher in a new wave of development by virtue of its own energy storage advantages. Molten salt/glass/insulation materials are part of the solar thermal industry chain. beneficiary sub-sectors.

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