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Closing丨The Shanghai Index rose 0.19%, and the new energy track stocks rebounded collectively

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Closing丨The Shanghai Index rose 0.19%, and the new energy track stocks rebounded collectively

On October 11, the three major A-share indices fluctuated and sorted out, and the ChiNext Index performed strongly. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.19%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.53%, and the ChiNext Index rose 1.15%.

In general, individual stocks rose more and fell less, with more than 3,000 stocks in the two cities rising. The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 563.8 billion today, a decrease of 64.2 billion compared with the previous trading day, and the turnover was reduced to the pre-holiday level.

On the disk, the new energy track stocks rebounded collectively, the semiconductor sector fell again, and the chemical, gas and other sectors rose in the afternoon. Lithium battery electrolyte, performance pre-increase, sodium battery, electricity, silicone concept, integrated die-casting, energy storage, wind power, photovoltaic and other sectors were among the top gainers, while household goods, semiconductors, tourism, real estate, cultivated diamonds, coal, medicine and other sectors declined come first.

Specifically, the concept of sodium batteries has risen significantly, and many stocks such as Midian New Materials, Veken Technology, and Tianci Materials rose by more than 5%; power stocks soared collectively, Huadian International daily limit, Datang Power, Guodian Power, China Nuclear Power, Huaneng 11 shares of International Energy rose more than 5%.

In terms of decline, real estate stocks fell sharply. Many stocks such as I Love My Home, Hualian Holdings, and Gemdale Group fell by more than 5%, and Vanke A also fell by more than 4%.

In terms of individual stocks, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment fell by the limit. Yesterday evening, the company released the third-quarter performance forecast, saying that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the third quarter is expected to be 500 million to 600 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 30.83% to 42.36%.

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CATL surged by nearly 6%. The company’s third-quarter performance forecast stated that the net profit in the first three quarters is expected to be 16.5 billion-18 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 112.87%-132.22%, and the third-quarter net profit is expected to increase by 169.33%-199.94% year-on-year .

【Capital flows】

Statistics show that the total net sales of northbound funds were 1.244 billion yuan, of which the net sales of Shanghai Stock Connect was 2.274 billion yuan, and the net purchase of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 1.03 billion yuan.

The main funds continued to flow into the power equipment, basic chemicals, machinery and equipment sectors, and net outflows from the real estate, medicine and biology, light industry and manufacturing sectors.

【Organization view】

Galaxy Securities: At present, the main factor restricting the market and the biggest risk is the intensification of the global economic downturn. This round of inflation overseas countries have a clear attitude to raise interest rates, and the strengthening of interest rate hike expectations will further increase the downside risks of the global economy and overseas recession. Increased expectations will suppress the risk appetite of A shares, and this factor is difficult to see a positive change in a short period of time, and the interest rate hike cycle may continue until next year. At the same time, the Russian-Ukrainian geopolitical conflict and the intensification of the European energy crisis will further expand overseas risks. Therefore, under the suppression of overseas risk factors, it is difficult for A-shares to have trend opportunities, and medium-term shocks are mainly.

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CICC: In 2022, global humanoid robot cross-border companies will emerge. In addition to traditional humanoid robot companies, consumer electronics and automotive giants will enter the game as two other new forces. With the help of capital and technology, the global humanoid robot has once again ushered in a critical moment of industrial transformation. CICC believes that the influx of automotive and consumer electronics giants will be based on the fulcrum of their respective comparative advantages, such as cost control, terminal ecology, machine vision, etc., to move the industry into a new pattern. Optimistic about the potential participation opportunities related to host companies and industry chains.

Guotai Junan: During the National Day period, the price of fattening pigs continued to rise. The reasons are: First, due to the reduction of production capacity, the trend of decreasing supply remains unchanged; The phenomenon of hurdles has also become an important factor for the continued rise in pig prices. Looking forward to the later period, the current fertilizer standard deviation is still obvious, the peak season has established confidence in the fourth quarter, and farmers are generally optimistic about the market around the winter solstice.

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