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Cloud-side collaboration injects new vitality into smart urban rail-Hollysys’ new edge intelligent controller and edge intelligent all-in-one machine are first released-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: Cloud Edge Collaboration Injects New Vitality into Smart Urban Rail-Hollysys Edge Intelligent Controller and Edge Intelligent All-in-one Machine New Products First Launch

The country is a strong transportation country, and the city rail is in charge. With the vigorous development of 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, more innovative technologies are accelerating the empowerment of urban rail transit, and smart urban rail is ushering in the “golden age” of development. As a deep cultivator in the field of smart urban rail, Hollysys adheres to the two-wheel drive of technological innovation and product innovation, focuses on the smart transportation track, and actively promotes the digital and intelligent upgrade of the urban rail transit industry.

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On October 9th, the 2021 Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition and Summit Forum opened in Beijing. Hollysys participated in the exhibition with the theme of “Cloud Edge Collaborative Intelligent Networking Ecology”, and released Edge Intelligent Controller (EIC) and Edge at the exhibition site. Two new products of Intelligent All-in-One (EIA). This signifies that Hollysys has completed the integration of its intelligent urban rail integrated business platform (“cloud”) and edge computing platform (“edge”), and “cloud-side synergy” has multi-dimensional efforts to inject new vitality into the development of smart urban rail. .

Picture/New product release site

The development of my country’s industrial Internet is in the ascendant. With the continuous expansion of the cloud platform boundary, a large number of devices are connected to the network, and the network scale continues to expand. The demand for real-time analysis of massive data is becoming more and more prominent. Compared with cloud computing, edge computing has gradually become the new focus of the industry because it is closer to users and devices. According to Wang Renzhe, deputy general manager of Xi’an Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd., Hollysys builds an edge computing platform to better coordinate data processing and application deployment, and realize edge autonomy under the circumstances of sensitive delay and limited bandwidth. Through the in-depth integration of the edge computing platform and the cloud platform, the delay between data production and decision-making can be effectively reduced, and cloud edge-end collaboration can be realized.

Figure/Edge Intelligent Controller

The edge intelligent controller released this time integrates PLC, PC, motion control, gateway, data acquisition, fieldbus protocol, machine vision, equipment networking and other functions in one As well as cloud edge collaborative on-site intelligent control, it also realizes functions such as high-frequency data acquisition and equipment-level intelligent analysis. The edge intelligent controller can be divided into different business systems such as industrial control and edge computing, so that each system can be safely isolated and expanded flexibly, improving performance while effectively reducing engineering deployment and operation and maintenance costs.

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Figure / New product release site

The edge intelligent all-in-one machine adopts the software and hardware integrated whole cabinet delivery method to build a station-level edge cloud platform to realize the integration and management of computing, storage, network, security and other resources in the station; it can provide a wealth of communication protocols and equipment models to achieve Fast access and processing of data in the site; at the same time, it supports the orchestration and deployment of containers and microservices to provide support for smart applications. Song Xiaoli, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd., introduced that the edge intelligent all-in-one machine has the characteristics of data localization, low latency, agile deployment, and business autonomy, which can help users to achieve “cost reduction, efficiency increase, and safety” construction, The management goal makes users truly feel the new value brought by “cloud-side collaboration”.

Figure / Edge smart all-in-one machine

At present, Hollysys edge intelligent controller and edge intelligent all-in-one machine have successfully landed in the first phase of Beijing Metro Line 19, realizing the first successful application of Hollysys edge computing platform in the field of smart urban rail. Through the combination of virtualization technology with traditional industrial control and AI artificial intelligence algorithms, the edge intelligent controller realizes traditional BAS functions, electromechanical intelligent diagnosis functions and other scene applications, and realizes five types of equipment such as escalators, fans, platform doors, batteries, and energy-saving control. /System fault diagnosis and predictive analysis.

Smart urban rail construction is a continuous and continuous optimization process. With the in-depth deployment and application of innovative technologies, smart urban rail construction will pay more attention to high-quality innovation in operation, management and services. As a traffic control system solution and service provider, Hollysys will also stick to its role as a “professional builder of smart urban rail ecology”. Innovation makes for a better urban travel experience.

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