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Cofece Bans Mercado Libre and Amazon Streaming Packages with Disney + and HBO Max

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Cofece Bans Mercado Libre and Amazon Streaming Packages with Disney + and HBO Max

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Cofece issues preliminary ruling and prohibits Mercado Libre and Amazon streaming packages with Disney + and HBO Max.

Is Cofece going against the Mercado Libre and Amazon packages offered by Disney Plus and HBO Max, respectively?

By The Universal
February 15, 2024

MEXICO CITY.- Recently, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) of Mexico issued a preliminary opinion in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), in which it determined that “there are no conditions of effective competition in the retail electronic commerce (marketplaces) in Mexico, which affect both sellers and buyers.”

According to the Commission, electronic businesses such as Amazon and Mercado Libre account for 85 out of every 100 sales in the online shopping market, which is why it urged both companies to present actions and eliminate their discount packages on streaming services and live videos since it is an “artificial strategy” that attracts customers.

This decision has unleashed different reactions from consumers and the question of what will happen to the streaming packages contracted in these two e-commerce stores.

What will happen to Amazon and Mercado Libre packages?

At the moment, Cofece’s determination is preliminary so there would be no immediate actions towards streaming packages.

However, if carried out in the next six months, Amazon and Mercado Libre will have to separate these services and all those that are not related to the use of the marketplace.

“The platforms are free to offer streaming programs and any other services, but these may not be offered as part of the same package of services related to the Marketplace.”

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That is, services such as Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max will be offered and charged independently without being added to any type of package promoted by any marketplace, in this way they will no longer be able to combine their packages.

What should Amazon and Mercado Libre do in the face of Cofece’s measures?

Given this, Amazon and Mercado Libre must adjust to the Cofece measures and offer a solution to customers who have contracted a loyalty package.

At the moment, both Amazon and Mercado Libre are analyzing the Commission’s preliminary opinion.

Said opinion, which does not constitute a final decision, evaluates the existence of certain barriers to competition in the investigated market and proposes some measures to remedy them. Mercado Libre is analyzing this preliminary ruling and will adhere to the applicable regulatory procedure and framework, including cooperating, as it has always done, with the corresponding authorities,” the firm noted.

For its part, Amazon assured that its way of operating has given “greater opportunities for sellers throughout the country” and that they will also seek a solution to the Cofece ruling.

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