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Coffee, 74% of Italians drink it every day

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Coffee, 74% of Italians drink it every day

Every day, all over the world, they are drunk 3.1 billion cups of coffee, equivalent to 170.8 million 60 kg bags of beans, for a market that was worth 120 billion dollars in 2022. L’Italia accounts for the lion’s share: it is the seventh country in the world in terms of consumption, with 5.2 million bags per year. 73.9% of Italians drink coffee regularly, every day. A research by Coffee promotion consortium which investigated Italian uses and traditions related to the cup.

Out of 100 coffees prepared, approximately 40 are consumed casa14 al bar. Pod machine (42.7%), moka (28.8%) and automatic espresso machine (17.1%) remain the preferred variants. Coffee is sought after because it is a recharge of mental strength and physical energy (42.2%), and personal ritual (35.6%) and a catalyst of good humor and sociability to share (33,7%).

For home use, most Italians buy it at the supermarket (72.8%), but there are connoisseurs and enthusiasts who love going to roasteries to choose their own blend (12%) for an enriching sensory experience. Tasting coffee requires the ability to recognize the nuances of flavoreor the simultaneous perception of tastes, aromas and tactile sensations, and has admirers like any other type of tasting.

However, today’s consumers are also pay attention to the supply chain and its commitment. Italians increasingly appreciate the taste of coffee and want to know its history and the innovation that characterizes the different blends available, rewarding companies that communicate the origins and processes of the product in a clear, complete and transparent way. Furthermore, one also emerges growing consumer environmental awareness, which recognizes the commitment to sustainability of both new packaging (61.7%) and new production and transport processes (58.3%) and wants this trend to be maintained and increased (50.3%). Today social sustainability, understood as a guarantee of the rights and fair remuneration of workers, is considered a priority by 49.7% (it was 43.4% in 2021), almost equalizing the value of environmental sustainability, which it is 50.3%.

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