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Colao and Orlando on the side of women. “Anonymous complaints for those who violate equal opportunities”. Smart working risk: “They are the ones who pay”

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MILANO – Platforms for anonymous reporting of those who violate the code of equal opportunities; transparency on the part of companies in indicating which roles are occupied by women and a snap in the corporate culture to ensure that new organizations – linked to smart working – do not end up making the weight of family life fall entirely on women.

Vittorio Colao e Andrea Orlando, ministers of innovation and labor respectively, have launched a flurry of proposals to smooth the heavy Italian delay in female employment and in the distribution of loads by speaking at the webinar entitled “Objective 62% – female employment as a national relaunch”. And they were joined by the minister for the South, Mara Carfagna, for which “female employment is a priority for the relaunch of the country, especially in the South where one in three women works. To create jobs and free up the time of women, who bear the full weight of family care , we must focus on social infrastructures: more nurseries, full-time in schools, an efficient network of assistance for the elderly and people with disabilities “.

Platforms for reporting equal opportunities violations

It is necessary to “build mechanisms of anonymous platforms that denounce those who violate Article 27” of the Code of Equal Opportunities which provides for the prohibition of asking “questions about the personal life of women when they are hired”, said Orlando, because “this is the moment in which the company decides whether to hire a man or a woman. It is my intention to promote an action that affects this step “. According to the owner of the Employment, “there is a risk of rapidly losing all the ground that had been gained on the inclusion of women in the world of work. One of the answers is the full implementation of the Code for equal opportunities”.

Smart working and working dads: with the pandemic the crossroads between family and profession has emerged

On the other hand, the employment figures are clear: with the pandemic it was precisely women who suffered the most from the shock. An element that Orlando himself recalled: “The precariousness of work has been paid more by women, so we must also see what reforms we will do even without reference to Recovery. From the point of view of social infrastructures – underlined Orlando – there are two countries : a North that over the years has reached some milestones and then there is a South where these milestones are much further away “.

“I have two issues on the table that I believe are incredibly topical compared to the numbers of the pandemic, active labor policies and social safety nets that help everyone but especially the women who are the most marginalized” on the labor market, Orlando said commenting. data on the collapse of female employment due to the pandemic.

Smart working, between virtuous agreements and late companies: almost 3 million workers remain at the window for the post-emergency

by Raffaele Ricciardi

Colao: “Yes to gender impact assessments, but they are of substance”

Even Colao for a day seems to wear the clothes of the Minister of Equal Opportunities. Also because women are the ones who paid the heaviest bill during the lockdown, with or without smart working, and to start again they need to go back to work.

“We got used to smart working – said Colao – but the boundaries between work and private life have been killed. We must do cultural training for leaders because there is the temptation to exploit it, and women pay”. The minister would also like more transparency on women’s quotas, and gender equality. “I would like every site, every company, every institution, in the upper right corner to have a ‘pyramid’ that indicates the percentages of roles covered by women at all levels”, explained Colao, on the sidelines of the webinar organized by Le contemporanee, Fuori quota and Soroptimist international of Italy.

As for the Gender Impact Assessments, the Vigs, “I would say to do them but in a dry, clear way, with beautiful tables”. The goal is that it becomes “an exercise in substance and as little as possible a paper exercise”. “It must be something very rigid, if it is not measured there is only a formal transparency that does not lead to results” concluded Colao.

The minister has always fought for gender equality, even in his previous life at the top of Vodafone, launching initiatives such as He for she (what men can do to help women succeed).

Also Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, assured that he was on the point: “In three months, I will ask the companies supervised by my ministry to understand what they thought of putting in place in response to my letter” sent on Women’s Day to demand attention in the fight against gender inequalities. Giovannini recalled that he had introduced the development of a plan to fight the gender gap among the objectives for the ministry managers and explained that Istat is working on a methodology to evaluate the impact of the 48 billion dedicated funds to MIT from the Recovery plan as regards the three pillars of action: South, young people and women.

For the Minister of Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti, a policy “that promotes female empowerment and free female energy is an investment, it is a type of policy that must be sought. In the next generation Eu, Italy has decided that all policies have the priority of guaranteeing gender equality” . And he announces: “The family act is a measure that will become structural”.


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