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Coldiretti Alessandria has a new provincial director: Roberto Bianco takes over from Roberto Rampazzo

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ALEXANDRIA. Change at the top and new director for Coldiretti Alessandria. Roberto Bianco, originally from Cuneo, was appointed to lead the Alexandrian federation, succeeding Roberto Rampazzo.

For over 20 years in Coldiretti, he has been director of the Epaca / Coldiretti patronage since 2002; first assignment in the federation of Arezzo and then continue, in 2004 at the Emilian headquarters in Reggio nell’Emilia. From 2008 he returned to Piedmont taking up the post at the Federation of Cuneo, also covering, in recent years, the role of deputy director of the Cuneo Federation.

The handover took place in the presence of the confederal delegate Bruno Rivarossa and Giovanni Benedetti, head of the organization of the Confederation.

Bruno Rivarossa in presenting the figure of Roberto Bianco to the management of Coldiretti Alessandria underlined how “we come from years of brilliant and extraordinary intuitions that are recognized by the company” and reiterated how “this change of management responds to a renewal in continuity to make grow Coldiretti’s economic project, with Campagna Amica and continuing the battle for traceability on the label and the defense of the true Made in Italy ».

The meeting was opened by the provincial president Mauro Bianco who thanked Roberto Rampazzo for his commitment in Alessandria: “As a Board of Directors we are sure that, together with Roberto Bianco, same surname but no degree of kinship, we will continue to work in profitable for the growth and competitiveness of the territory “.

«It was an intense period, which taught me many things, to love a region like Piedmont, which for me represented an almost unknown territory – underlined Rampazzo in his thank you speech -. I had the opportunity to deal with the major problems of Lower Piedmont: I hope I have contributed to the journey, growth and regeneration we talk about so much in a proactive way, abandoning the logic of “it has always been done this way”. The collaboration that I found was fundamental, I am grateful to the managers, to the structure, and to all those who helped me, especially as soon as I arrived, to make me feel at home “.

Roberto Bianco underlined how fundamental it is for him to work “as a team”, for a single common project: to build the Coldiretti of the future by always putting the person, the partner and your company at the center.

«Alessandria represents a new path, an agriculture varied by type and characteristics, an important territory for the Piedmontese economic fabric, rightly considered one of the granaries of Italy, with undisputed potential – said the new director -. Managing a Federation like this is a real challenge, especially in a difficult economic moment but I hope to be able to fully insert myself in the managerial and structural context. Obviously, I need the help and collaboration of everyone, of the management and of the structure, so that the synergy in which I believe is implemented every day and so we can field new ideas and new strategies to be more and more up to expectations. of the Alexandrian companies, in implementation of the great Coldiretti economic project, to protect our companies and Made in Italy productions ».

“The Covid emergency has highlighted how agriculture is central to the country system, a pillar of both the local and national economy – added the new director Roberto Bianco -. Our companies have been able to face the uncertainties of the market and take the path of innovation, origin, transparency. Thank you for the trust that Coldiretti has given me. A new path awaits me in which I hope to be able to bring some of my personal experience and professional background gained over the years. I intend to continue with enthusiasm the path already started, with the help and collaboration of all ».

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