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Comdirect: transfer securities and collect €1100 bonus!

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Comdirect: transfer securities and collect €1100 bonus!

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Until April 19, 2023, new Comdirect Depot customers can secure a depot opening premium of EUR 100.00*. The prerequisite for payment of the premium is the transfer of securities in the amount of EUR 1,000.00.

Those who can transfer even more securities receive an even higher premium. In addition, Comdirect pays a variable securities transfer premium of up to EUR 1,000 for a transfer volume of EUR 10,000.00 or more. Overall, Comdirect rewards the change with up to 1100.00 euros.

The Comdirect depot is free for the first three years. After that, custody account management costs EUR 1.95 per month. From two trades in a quarter, with a current account from Comdirect or with a regular securities savings plan, the depot remains free even after three years. Order and savings plan fees may apply. Click here to open a depot*.

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With the Depot of Comdirect* investors trade a wide range Shares, Fonds, ETFs and others securities. In addition, of course, the regular execution of savings plans possible. The depot is characterized by its transparent and fair conditions. But that’s not the only reason why it’s worth considering a depot at the Comdirect. So Comdirect is organizing one exciting action* for new and existing customers

Securities transfer bonus at Comdirect: Secure up to 1100 euros

On the one hand, new Comdirect customers receive one Deposit opening premium of 100.00 euros*. In order to be able to secure the bonus, they only have to 19. April 2023 successfully open a depot at Comdirect and then Securities transferred with a value of at least EUR 1000.00.

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In addition, Comdirect pays both new and existing customers a further variable securities transfer premium. Your value: up to 1000.00 euros. All you have to do is transfer securities from another depot to Comdirect via the online depot change service. The deadline for this action is also the 19. April 2023. What is the actual premium? depends on the value of the transferred securities. There are the following stages:

transfer value amount of the premium
from 10,000.00 euros 100,00 Euro
from 50,000.00 euros 250,00 Euro
from 100,000.00 euros 500,00 Euro
from 250,000.00 euros 1000,00 Euro

All in all, new customers can receive up to EUR 1,100.00 for opening a securities account and transferring securities*. For existing customers there is still up to 1000.00 euros for the transfer of securities.

Checklist: This is how you get the premium from Comdirect

  • until April 19, 2023 Open a depot at Comdirect* and transfer securities worth EUR 1000.00 to receive EUR 100.00
  • AND OR
  • until April 19, 2023 Securities transferred with a value of at least EUR 10,000.00
  • receive the bonus of up to 1100.00 euros by November 30, 2023 at the latest


Important: Also note the information from the Comdirect. In order for the bonus to be assigned to you, the Securities transfer via a special campaign page take place, which you can find in your mailbox at Comdirect. You can find more information in the Conditions of Participation*.

Is the transfer of securities to the Comdirect worthwhile?

The securities transfer premium can be an incentive for the Depot opening at Comdirect* or the securities transfer. However, even without the premium, the online broker can be worthwhile. That’s what his transparent conditions and the large selection of stocks, funds, ETFs, savings plans and other securities, which make Comdirect a particularly attractive provider – even for newcomers. In addition, Comdirect is considered a reputable broker. So are deposits about that statutory deposit insurance as well as the additional Deposit Protection Fund secured by the Federal Association of German Banks. Finally, Comdirect is also characterized by its manageable costs.

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These costs await you at the Comdirect depot

depot management three years free
then 1.95 euros per month
continue to be free for two or more trades per quarter
continue to be free with a checking account
continue to be free of charge with at least one savings plan execution per quarter
Order fees (standard conditions) Basic fee 3.90 euros in the first twelve months
after that basic fee 4.90 euros
Order commission 0.25 percent of the order volume or at least EUR 9.90 up to a maximum of EUR 59.90
savings plan fees Savings plan implementation Fund reduced by up to 100 percent
Execution of the savings plan Equities, ETFs and certificates 1.5 percent of the order volume per transaction and securities identification number

Die Order fees for stock exchanges abroad are higher. The basic fee is 7.90 euros instead of 4.90 euros. However, the order commission of 0.25 percent of the order volume remains the same. However, the minimum commission increases to EUR 12.90. More than 62.90 euros will never be charged.


Risk Notice: Stocks, cryptocurrencies and investments are always associated with risk. A total loss of the invested capital cannot be ruled out either. The published articles, data and forecasts are not an invitation to buy or sell securities or rights. They also do not replace professional advice.

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