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Commentary: The Shanghai Index “Three Lianyang” shrank by 1.12%, and infrastructure stocks set a limit-up trend_Oriental Fortune Network

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Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened lower on the 18th,Shanghai IndexIn early trading, the Shenzhen Component Index was relatively weak, and in the afternooninsurance, real estate and other sectors strengthened, the index collectively rose, the Shanghai index rose more than 1%, and the daily K line closed three consecutive positives. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3,251.07 points, up 1.12%, with a turnover of 428.4 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 12,328.65 points, up 0.31%, with a turnover of 562.1 billion yuan;GEM refers toIt was reported at 2713.79 points, up 0.11%, with a turnover of 235.7 billion yuan. The trading volume of the two cities shrank from the previous trading day.

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On the disk, infrastructure stocks rose and stopped, NMN concept, low-e glass, coal mining and processing, architectural decoration,real estate developmenttrade, electricity and other sectors were among the top gainers; electronic ID cards, Hongmeng concept, digitalcurrency、 HJTBatteryState-owned assets cloud, automotive chips and other sectors were among the top decliners.

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Jufeng Investment Consulting believes that with the strengthening of the support below the index, the bottom of the market is coming to an end, and it is a time to consider strategic allocation. At present, A-shares have fallen out of value and have a certain investment value. Radical investors do a good job of buying low in batches, while stable investors can still wait for the market bottom to be established before making new decisions. Under the background of the policy, we will continue to pay attention to the direction of new infrastructure that will benefit from stable growth.

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  Central China SecuritiesSaid that after the recent stage low point of the Shanghai index, with the continuous entry of incremental funds into the market, it is expected to promote the steady rise of the stock index. It is recommended to continue to pay attention to the changes in policy, capital and external markets. It is expected that the Shanghai index is more likely to rise in short-term fluctuations, and the ChiNext market is likely to rise slightly in the short-term. Investors are advised to pay attention to new energy,medical servicereal estate andElectronic componentFor investment opportunities in other industries, Midline continues to pay attention to investment opportunities in low-valued blue-chip stocks.

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  Ping AnYao Bo: The stock price is indeed undervalued. In the future, I will actively manage the fundamentals and market value

  Ping AnCo-CEO and CFO Yao Bo in the annual report at noon todayperformanceAt the press conference, it was stated that due to the fluctuations of the external environment and the cyclical nature of life insurance in the past year,Ping AnThe stock price is indeed undervalued. “I hope the market will give patience and time.” Yao Bo said that the fundamentals of China‘s economy are stable, and the measures to stabilize growth have laid a solid foundation for economic development, and he is full of confidence in the long-term improvement of China‘s economy.Ping AnThe management is also full of confidence in the company’s development. In the future, it will further improve its fundamentals and actively manage its market value.

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  China Telecom: The company will explore the possibility of spin-off and listing of Tianyi Cloud

fromChina TelecomAt the 2021 annual performance briefing, it was learned that Ke Ruiwen, executive director, chairman and CEO, said that the company has signed the capital increase of Tianyi Cloud with four large state-owned enterprises including China Electronics Technology, China Electronics, China Chengtong, and China Guoxin. The share expansion framework agreement, the follow-up work is being accelerated. “The company will actively explore the possibility of spin-off and listing of Tianyi Cloud under the conditions of compliance with regulatory rules.” Ke Ruiwen said.

(Article source: Xinhua Finance)

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