Home Business Commentary: The three major stock indexes fell across the board, the ChiNext index fell 3.66%, and the brewing, food and beverages and other sectors were active against the trend – yqqlm

Commentary: The three major stock indexes fell across the board, the ChiNext index fell 3.66%, and the brewing, food and beverages and other sectors were active against the trend – yqqlm

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April 20,Shanghai IndexIt was weak and fluctuated in early trading, and dropped sharply in the afternoon, down more than 1.3%; the Shenzhen Component Index,GEM refers toBoth fell sharply, the Shenzhen Component Index fell by more than 2%, the ChiNext Index fell by more than 3.5% and fell below 2,400 points; the transaction volume of the two cities has increased, with a daily transaction of about 820 billion yuan, and the net outflow of northbound funds exceeded 5 billion yuan.

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.35% to 3,151.05 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.07% to 11,392.23 points, and the ChiNext Index fell 3.66% to 2,363.65 points; the two cities had a total turnover of 820.7 billion yuan, and northbound funds sold a net 5.288 billion yuan.

On the disk, most sectors in the two cities fell, with coal, real estate, steel, oil, and nonferrous metals among the top losers.Insurancebankchemical industry,brokerage,electricity,gassemiconductorand other sectors were weakened; hotel catering,food and drinkwinemaking, tourism, logistics and other sectors bucked the trend; seed industry, smart government affairs, prepared dishes, etc.themeOutstanding performance.

WanliansecuritiesHe said that with the recent upgrade of prevention and control measures in many places, the impact of the current round of the epidemic on the economy may be deeper and more persistent than in 2020. The pressure of economic growth is increasing, and the policy needs to continue to be strengthened. On April 13, the regular meeting of the People’s Republic of China announced that the RRR would be cut, and on April 15, the central bank announced a differentiated RRR cut. A-share market sentiment has been boosted, but pessimistic expectations of economic fundamentals have resumed,profit predictionContinued downward adjustment, the market trading enthusiasm has declined, and the Shanghai Composite Index is currently hovering around 3,200 points. It is expected that the demand-side stimulus policies aimed at boosting consumption, investing, and consolidating exports will be gradually introduced in late April, and attention will be paid to the effect of policy implementation.In terms of industry allocation: 1) The main line of “steady growth” is booming, and infrastructure leaders with clear policy support deserve continuous attention; 2) Upstream resource products are still showing a trend of rising prices, and attention should be paid to related industry chains.performancecompanies with larger growth.

GuoshengsecuritiesIt is pointed out that the Shanghai Stock Exchange stepped back on the edge of the large-scale shock range, and the policy continued to confirm that March 16 was the “policy bottom”. The funds successfully resisted profit selling, and the weekly volume shrank back to step on the strong support. The index selection is imminent, and it is optimistic to stabilize and rebound .Operationally, public offeringfundDue to the difficulty of fundraising and the lack of incremental funds in the market, institutional holding stocks are still in a weak balance. It appears; on the other hand, hot money rotates rapidly outside the public offering “site”, the structure of the field is obvious, real estate and infrastructure are weak, and retail and auto parts are different. Currently, hot money “stops” in agriculture. The internal and external situation is complex, national security needs are continuously pushed up, and economic development also needs to seek new momentum. Digital economy, military-civilian integration, and agriculture can be paid attention to.

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