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Commerce, Istat: -1.1% retail sales in June

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Commerce, Istat: -1.1% retail sales in June

Commerce: retail sales in June, Istat estimates, fell by 1.1% in value and 1.8% in volume. In the second quarter of 2022, in quarterly terms, retail sales instead grew in value (+ 1.1%) and fell slightly in volume (-0.3%). The acceleration in economic growth in the quarter, comments Istat, is “largely attributable to the increase in prices. Volumes, in fact, are down both in the first and in the second quarter of this year ». In June, on a trend basis, retail sales increased by 1.4% in value and decreased by 3.8% in volume.

Increase in the value of food

Sales of non-food goods decreased (-0.8% in value and -3.3% in volume) while those of food goods recorded an increase in value (+ 4.5%) and a decrease in volume (- 4.4%). The biggest increases concern perfumery products, personal care (+ 3.2%) and pharmaceutical products (+ 2.5%), while the most marked decreases are for household appliances, radios, TVs and recorders (-8.3% ) and equipment for information technology, telecommunications, telephony (-7.5%).

Compared to June 2021, Istat certifies that the value of retail sales grows for large-scale distribution (+ 4.6%) and decreases for companies operating on small surfaces (-0.9%). Sales outside the shops increased slightly (+ 0.1%) while there was a decline for e-commerce (-6.8%).

Confcommercio: “Negative signs are multiplying”

«The clouds over the Italian economy are gathering. After the excellent results achieved from the beginning of 2021 to the first months of the current year, the negative signs in the main economic indicators multiply ». This is what the Confcommercio Research Department writes in a note, commenting on the data on retail sales in June released today by Istat. «The same growth in the second quarter of GDP is probably due to a drag effect that is disappearing with the beginning of the summer. Today’s figure confirms that consumption, despite the strong growth in services related to tourism and socializing, is slowing down. Business confidence – we read – was down in July, while that of families has already fallen since June. Inflation gives no respite. Although support and aid are proving to be very effective, the likelihood of a sharp slowdown in activity in the final months of the year is definitely growing ”, concludes Confcommercio.

Coldiretti: you spend more to buy less

The shopping cart of the Italians empties. This is Coldiretti’s analysis of Istat data relating to retail trade in the first half of 2022 which on an annual basis record a decrease in the quantities of food purchased for the sixth consecutive month. The farmers’ association underlines how Italians are forced to spend more to buy fewer products due to the effect of prices that have recorded an overall record increase of + 9.6% for fresh and processed products in July 2022 compared to same period of the previous year.

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