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Compact center-right in Sardinia. The sign: “No tripe for cats”

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Compact center-right in Sardinia.  The sign: “No tripe for cats”

Meloni, Salvini and Tajani united in Cagliari for the closing rally in Sardinia

“On a national level, in some newspapers, in the Corriere or La Repubblica, they try to distance me and Giorgia the more we move forward together and united as one person for five years, not a minute less. The more they try to make us argue the more they cement what is not just a political alliance, it is that in Georgie I found not only an ally and an excellent Prime Minister but a friend and in politics this makes the difference.” Thus Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure, commented yesterday in Cagliari at the end of the final rally for the next elections which will be held in Sardinia next Sunday and which will see the centre-right candidate Paolo Truzzo.

Particularly pathetic is Repubblica which headlines: ” A superficial truce on the right, but there is frost between Meloni and Salvini”. The inventiveness of the columnist is admirable as he, in a flight of imagination, adds: “You didn’t want me near you on stage, eh?”. In short, the usual tricks of certain press.

And then again: “On the 2.15pm AZ flight that takes off from Fiumicino the two leaders ignore each other”.

To the writer, however, the exact opposite appears from direct sources.

Today, however, the Corriere della Sera in the online edition does everything to hide as much as possible the piece on Cagliari which it relegates hidden in a paragraph under another piece of news.

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There are also the “televisionone” to intervene. First of all La 7 with Lady the Red hosting Andrea Scanzi who, upset after reading Mickey Mouse, states: “Salvini and Meloni are at historic lows, the leader of the League would be happy if they lost because Meloni would lose more”.

But in reality there are not only the so-called “journalists” who are sowing discord every morning, there are also a plethora of smaller ones such as FanPage, HuffPost and the usual Giuliano Ferrara on Il Foglio who speaks out of turn about “Sardinian fear stronger than the frost”, less and less lucid and dull as the years pass. In reality the “Sardinian fear” is a wind that blows in Rome in the radical-chic penthouses of the historic centre, those in which Madama Ztl and Sora Salmona (in the sense of canapés) reign. The rich retreats of the No Tutto and the Capalbians in constant anguish for the “poor of the world” while licking their fingers of delicacies and toasting with champagne. But let’s get back to real politics. Yesterday we saw it at Cagliari an electoral campaign closing rally the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time. It seems that Salvini, Meloni and Tajani the more they are attacked, the stronger they become. In fact, not a day goes by without someone inventing something. What is striking is the fertile imagination of the topics covered: they range from the evergreen Putin, to the Thirty per hour, to the Bridge over the Strait, with the ridiculous exposé signed by the “triple” Schlein, Fratoianni, Bonelli who, short of political arguments, resort to stamped papers.

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The message that comes from Cagliari it is loud and clear: there is no tripe for cats. We are united and will govern for five years. The one who is perpetually divided, however, is the left which, with Schlein as secretary, no longer even has the semblance of a political line. The Democratic Party has put itself in the hands of a high school student who is only interested in occupying schools. What a bad end for the party of Togliatti, Terracini and Berlinguer!

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