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Company fleets, LoJack launches the car management platform

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To help the fleet manager manage the fleet, Lojack has entered into a partnership with CaiAmp, which takes shape with the launch of the new Fleet Intelligence platform CalAmp ion by LoJack.

All incoming information from fleet vehicles can now be managed via an intuitive dashboard allowing a single view of vehicles in the field.


Operators can use this information through various devices, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs connected to the internet. Among other things, the platform allows you to reduce management costs (fuel and repairs) through intelligent maintenance management.

And in the event of accidents, vehicle breakdowns and other critical situations, a series of alerts and reports alert the fleet manager who can thus intervene quickly to solve the problem.

Furthermore, the fleet managers, knowing at any time where the vehicles are (thanks to the information arriving from Esri Arcgis, a geolocation service provider), can “move”, according to the various needs, the workforce in the field and improve in this way the operational efficiency.

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