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Compass Rent: the new player in the world of long-term rental

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Certain costs, flexibility, zero worries, the possibility of changing the car more often: the long term rental it is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to buying a car. Over eight out of ten citizens (84%) know it and about one in three (30%) would consider it to change their car.

The market trend is clear: in the first five months of 2021, long-term leases were well 124,450 cars. And it is precisely in this promising scenario that it is born Compass Rent, the new company of Compass (Mediobanca Group) specialized in the long-term car rental service.


The Compass Rent formula

Compass Rent offers an innovative service that focuses on dealers and the needs of the end customer. With the new formula, the rental takes place through the dealers, who will be able to offer the customer service on the cars they have. The direct involvement of dealers makes Compass Rent advantages, such as lwide range of choice between new, used and 0 Km cars present on their square, the possibility of see and test the car before renting it, being followed and advised from a qualified and trusted seller and the vehicle delivery in 2 weeks.

In this way, in a few days the customer will be able to drive the car by choosing the duration, the km and the services according to the needs. This against a fixed monthly fee.

At the end of the rental, the vehicle will be returned to the dealer who, already knowing its history and being able to plan its management, can proceed with a new sale or a new rental. During the rental, all maintenance and restoration services will be managed by the same purchasing dealer, creating an ongoing relationship with the customer. Extensive flexibility of the service on sale and repurchase values, so as to define the best installment for the customer. In addition, it will be possible for the dealer to choose between insurance packages and of maintenance prepared by Compass Rent, those most in line with the customer’s preferences and needs.

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