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Conbipel saves 1,200 jobs thanks to Mise

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Conbipel saves 1,200 jobs thanks to Mise

The Ministry of Economic Development announces that the industrial relaunch operation of Conbipel, a historic clothing chain based in Piedmont, in Cocconato d’Asti, has been defined, which will allow 1,200 workers to be safeguarded through the operation of all 167 stores present on the national territory.

The financing of the newco

This concludes, a note from the Mise specifies, a path that leads the company, in extraordinary administration since January 2021, to become a newco financed with a total of 7.8 million euros, of which 3.8 million from the Salva Imprese del Mise, managed by Invitalia, and 4 million by Eapparels Ltd which is part of a group of companies headed by Grow Capital Global Holdings.

The participation of the Fund in the investment will take place with a minority stake of 49% in support of the private partner. The operation was made possible as the intervention is aimed at guaranteeing employment levels and the continuation of the activity of a company, founded in 1958, which has been recognized by the Ministry as a brand of historical interest in the textile sector.

Giorgetti: “Historical brand”

“With this investment in Conbipel, important foundations are laid for the relaunch of another historic brand in the Italian clothing sector which, in addition to being able to count on a well-established network of shops throughout the country and specialized skills among workers, will be able to find new opportunities to enhance production also on foreign markets », Minister Giorgetti declared. “The tools available to the Mise – he adds – make it possible to identify the most suitable solutions for companies that are facing temporary financial difficulties”.

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