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Conference Site丨”Stable Enterprises and Safe Agriculture Escort Entity” – Futures Service Methanol Enterprises Help the National Unified Large Market Construction Seminar Successfully Held_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Conference Site丨”Stable Enterprises and Safe Agriculture Escort Entity” – Futures Service Methanol Enterprises Help the National Unified Large Market Construction Seminar Successfully Held_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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In order to deepen the work of serving small and medium-sized enterprises, implement the policy of “supporting large enterprises to build supply and demand docking platforms for key industry industrial chains” in the document of the State Council, and help small and medium-sized enterprises to fight the epidemic, stabilize operations, and overcome difficulties, Nantong Huaqing as a Zhengshang InstituteMethanolThe cooperation unit of the industrial base, together with Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Minmetals Futures Co., Ltd., jointly held a seminar on “Stable Enterprises and Safe Agriculture Escort Entities” – Futures Service Methanol Enterprises Helping the Construction of a National Unified Large Market.

At present, my country’s futures market is in a period of rapid growth, and it has great potential in further serving the construction of a unified market and building a new development pattern. To further play the role of futures, on the one hand, it is necessary to focus on serving the real economy and national strategies, and enrich the supply of products and services;

As an international commodity exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of market cultivation work, from carrying out the activities of “entering the industry, getting close to the industry, and serving enterprises”, to jointly building an “industrial base” with leading industrial enterprises, and creating a “stable The market service brand of “Entity of Entity Safety and Agriculture Escort” promotes the awareness and ability of industrial enterprises to recognize, understand and use the futures market to achieve stable operation.

As a leading enterprise in the methanol industry, Nantong Chemical Light is also the methanol base of Zhengzhou Commercial Institute. The company has always used the futures market to operate stably and achieved good results. Through publicity activities, the company allows upstream and downstream enterprises to have a basic understanding of futures, and refines futures knowledge, and explains multiple businesses in detail to make it closer to actual combat, and promotes upstream and downstream enterprises to fully understand the futures market and better The proper use of financial derivatives allows futures to take root in all aspects of the development of many industries, which plays an important role in promoting the high-quality development of industrial enterprises and stabilizing the market order.

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The current long logic of methanol lies in the low circulation inventory at the port and the high basis difference in the same period, while the short logic lies in the weak fundamentals in the mainland, the decline of coal and the low profit of downstream MTO. From the current point of view, the high basis is still maintained, while the weakening of the far-end margin is relatively certain, and the correct logic still exists. The risk is that the downstream MTO will stop and cash out before 01. In the follow-up, the current pattern of high basis and low inventory in ports has not changed. After winter, supply-side disturbances will increase. It is expected that methanol will have limited room for decline, but the high level of coal at the raw material end has weakened significantly, which may lead to an overall decline in the cost of methanol shift, and the near-term loosening of the margin of the policy will follow or gradually improve the demand. The short-term market is dominated by shocks, and in the medium term, the shocks will remain weak under the weak downstream demand and the return of supply. Under such circumstances, it is particularly important for leading enterprises to play a leading role in the industry, and for small and medium-sized enterprises to use futures options to manage price risks.

The event was hosted by Chen Xin from the Nantong Sales Department of Minmetals Futures. Zhang Zhenghua, a researcher of energy and chemical industry of Minmetals Futures, Wang Zhenghe, manager of methanol futures business of Yuanda Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., Liu Houping, general manager of Nantong Kangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., and Nantong Minmetals Futures Four guests from Sales Department Zhu Jie shared their speeches.

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The sub-forum focused on methanol futures, and four lecturers shared the analysis and development of methanol and other energy and chemical products in the industrial chain from different angles, the operation discussion in the futures and spot markets, and the support of ZCE’s “Stable Enterprise and Safe Agriculture Escort Entity” The special plan of member industry service, the content is simple and brilliant. First of all, lecturer Zhang Zhenghua analyzed the current situation of energy varieties in terms of domestic and foreign forms, and then explained the market fluctuations in detail based on chart data, and analyzed the fluctuations of other derivative industries caused by changes in the energy industry chain. Lecturer Wang Zhenghe followed closely and described the general situation of methanol industry and coal industry, and introduced the inventory profit of methanol downstream related product industry. Then, Lecturer Liu Houping analyzed the general situation of methanol and the traditional methanol trade operation mode and disadvantages, explained why the combination of futures and cash is the trend of methanol business operations, and discussed how to conduct futures and cash operations. Finally, lecturer Zhu Jie took methanol as an example to mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, and explained in depth the special support plan provided by ZCE for its members.

The turbulence of the international situation and the recurrence of the new crown epidemic have significantly increased the demand for risk management of entity enterprises, and there is an urgent need to establish a systematic risk framework system. This activity hopes that through the analysis of the status quo of the methanol industry chain and the downstream market, as well as the discussion on how companies carry out deadline operations, it will effectively help companies solve problems encountered in production, operation and risk management, and give full play to the function of the derivatives market in serving the real economy. Improve the awareness of enterprises in the methanol industry on the derivatives market, and actively promote relevant enterprises to use new models such as methanol futures options and basis for risk management. Finally, as a market participant, I wish the Nantong Chemical Light Methanol Base will be better and better, and its business will flourish day by day. Together with ZCE and Minmetals Futures, it will be tolerant and win-win cooperation.

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