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Confindustria: 37 billion bills for businesses in 2022

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A blow: the Italian production system will pay an energy bill of 37 billion in 2022, almost double the 20 in 2021 (not to mention the 8 in 2019, a lost Bengodi, of which we were not aware). The vice president of Confindustria Maurizio Marchesini announces it with extreme alarm: «37 billion is an unsustainable level for our companies – he warns – so we can’t do it. The government should act now, it is a perfect storm ». Also from Confindustria, the delegate for energy Aurelio Regina observes that that 37 billion blow “is as if an entire budget had been dumped on the shoulders of Italian industries”. Marchesini points out the serious consequences already taking place: «The energy shock is a problem for all the supply chains, the risk we run, in addition to the production block that is already happening in some sectors, is that companies move production elsewhere. The world of ceramics, paper and the steel industry are stopping their plants or producing at a very slow pace ». But no productive sector is protected.

On the other hand, the world of energy is very strange, the strangest things can happen, for example that in the middle of the gas crisis Italy starts exporting methane, for the simple and disarming reason that it costs us less than ‘abroad; and this while we import 95% of our needs, and while we have natural gas deposits in the Adriatic at very low production costs, which however we have forbidden ourselves to extract. They are the pieces of a puzzle that cannot be put together.

The news released yesterday is that for a couple of weeks Italy has been exporting a quota of methane not only to Switzerland and Germany, traditional consumers, but even to the Netherlands, the largest producer and main gas market in Western Europe. The low price that makes Italian methane competitive with that of neighboring European countries is due to two factors: the availability in our country of large reserves that have not been greatly affected this winter, thanks to absolute low temperatures but above the seasonal averages. , and the entry into operation of the Tap gas pipeline, which brings 8 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Puglia from Azerbaijan.

The current export from Italy, while we continue to import 95% of the necessary methane, promises for our country a possible role as a gas “hub”, that is, as a European hub. Among other things, in the Upper Adriatic we have tens of billions of cubic meters of extractable natural gas at 5 euros per MWh, against the 82.5 that it quoted yesterday on the Amsterdam market; but access to this resource in our sea is in fact prevented by the regulations in force

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