Home Business Connetty, the advertising “magician” industrial holding earns 50% in one year

Connetty, the advertising “magician” industrial holding earns 50% in one year

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Connetty, the advertising “magician” industrial holding earns 50% in one year

Connetty grows 50% in one year

If it weren’t an overused term, Alberto Zilli should be called the “guru” of the internet. On the other hand, his curriculum speaks for itself: At the age of 14 she started her first online business with the computer review site azpoint.net, in 2005 she founded JuiceADV, one of the first Italian performance advertising networks, from which she was born Triboo Media with the incorporation of the LeonardoADV concessionaire and the Leonardo.it portal. Triboo Media was listed on the stock exchange in 2014exceeding 28 million in turnover in the same year and continuing to grow organically and with acquisitions.

Today, however, he is one of the founders of Connectyan industrial holding company in digital and new media, co-founded in 2016 with the brothers Stefano and Samuel Zilli and Francesco Rizzardi. It invests in startups in the adv tech sector, accompanying them on their growth path thanks to its team of talents and particular skills in the strategic, financial, technological, marketing and sales fields. The holding company currently invests in three subsidiaries: Refine Direct (perforance marketing omnicanale), 247Production (influencer marketing), TechWave (software house di gruppo). In 2022, Connetty had aggregate revenue equal to 18 million euros, up by +50% compared to 12 million in 2021.

“2022 – Zilli tells Affaritaliani.it – it was a positive year on both fronts, beyond the numerical one: Connetty has shed its skin. We have carried out mergers to create a digital performance marketing ecosystem that puts partners in a position to deliver the best possible. Our interlocutors are the Top500 advertisers who operate in both the Italian and multinational adv market. We make 10% of our turnover for campaigns outside the national borders, with campaigns in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom”.

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For 2023 the course has already been mapped out. Connetty is focusing on performance assets, on artificial intelligence, on improving proprietary platforms. Furthermore, the introduction of a further synergistic reality to the current one is being evaluated, or to further expand the activity of Connetty itself, always remaining in marketing automation, in the programmatic.

“247 Production is currently our forge of innovation – Zilli comments – both in terms of influencers. We have new well-known faces, such as Herbert Ballerina, the PanPers who guarantee an always very strong interest. And brands also rely on them to help them in the reference communities. As for artificial intelligence, the issue is a bit more complex: one of the reasons we invested in Refine is that we keep the focus on technology very high. And today we talk about chatGpt in a slightly more alarmist way. We are more ‘neutral’ and try to understand if they can help us speed up some processes and some responses. However, this is a subject on which we must be very careful. In some ways – concludes Zilli – it makes a bit of an impression the use that can be made of this technology. For example, it is difficult to understand the differences of a ChatGPT response compared to that of a person, it’s a big question mark, it’s scary. We need to find a way to ‘validate’ the human”.

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