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Consumption, electric car or petrol? Here’s what’s best

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Consumption, electric car or petrol?  Here’s what’s best

ROME. Electric or traditional car, with heat engine? In this phase of rising prices, both in terms of fuel and electricity, what is more convenient? Apart from the cost of the car, decidedly higher (despite the incentives) than the electric models, according to the simulations of SOStariffe.it, the increase in the cost of fuel balances the increase in the cost of electricity with the result that an electric car continues to guarantee lower operating costs than a thermal. In fact, despite the energy crisis, choosing a zero-emission model makes it possible to drastically reduce the cost of using the car: under equal conditions and with the current cost of electricity, an electric car can guarantee savings of almost 6 euros for every 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.
Comparing petrol cars and electric cars, in terms of running costs, is difficult as there are dozens of models on the market with very different characteristics and dimensions. However, taking into consideration a single model available on the market in both the petrol and electric zero-emission versions, it is possible to get an idea of ​​the convenience of zero-emission mobility, at least as regards the expense to be incurred to travel 100 kilometers ( considering WLTP data).

A petrol city car with a consumption of 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle, with the current average price of petrol, will cost 9.79 euros per 100 kilometres. The same model proposed in the electric version and with a consumption of 12 kWh per 100 kilometers will provide for a cost, to complete this distance, of between 3.85 euros (with home recharge and considering the lowest cost of electricity on the Free Market in January 2023) and 6.25 euros (with public top-up considering the average cost requested by the main providers in the sector as measured by SOStariffe.it in January 2023).

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Consequently, to travel 100 kilometers in the combined cycle, with an electric car it is possible to save almost 6 euros in the example case. Switching to zero-emission mobility continues to offer savings margins, in short, at least as regards the costs associated with use.

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