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Consumption, for 78% of Italians it is not the time to shop

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Consumption, for 78% of Italians it is not the time to shop

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According to 78% of Italians, now is not a good time to make purchases, a negative record in the last year. This was stated by the monthly Findomestic Observatory (BNP Paribas group) for April, according to which the propensity to purchase durable goods in three months is slowing down (-7.8%). 9% of Italians, those with the greatest economic problems, give up planning important purchases; 68%, on the other hand, have plans but postpone them to better times.

Inflation remains the main concern of Italians (almost 6 out of 10), combined with the decline in purchasing power (in second place among the most acute concerns). «Making ends meet for the family budget», comments Claudio Bardazzi, head of the Findomestic Observatory, «today represents a problem for 38% of families, a stable figure compared to last month even if slightly improving compared to January and December».

In particular, products for thermal insulation (-28.4%), motor vehicles (-27%), doors and windows (-24.2%) and heat pumps (-21.3%). Marked declines also in the alternative mobility sector: e-bikes lost 15.8%, scooters 6.1%. Things are no better for the new car segment (-13.9%) and used car segment (-8%). However, home renovations (+2.9%), do-it-yourself (+3.6%), travel (+5.5%) and above all the equipment and sportswear (+19.3%). The propensity to purchase condensing and biomass boilers is also positive: +11.1 percent.

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