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Conte is about to make Schlein’s shoes: the victory in Sardinia alerts the Democratic Party

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Conte is about to make Schlein’s shoes: the victory in Sardinia alerts the Democratic Party

Conte is about to make Schlein’s shoes: Todde’s victory in Sardinia must worry the secretary of the Democratic Party

The victory in Sardinia was hailed as the real deal first setback for the centre-rightafter the triumphant victory in October 2022. And in fact this is the case, even if it is a narrow defeat gained by a handful of votes due to a wrong candidate. However it was there. And we need to recognize that Alessandra Todde hit the big time. She was born in Nuoro in 1969, the year of the moon landing and that of Gigi Riva’s Cagliari championship, she was undersecretary for economic development and then also deputy minister, as well as currently a member of parliament. She graduated in computer science at the University of Pisa and has had training experiences abroad. Professionally, she is an entrepreneur and was CEO of Olidata. She is one of the few Five Stars who have not “run away from home” and represents a quality exception in the Movement’s political offering.

That said, the the real political fact is the return to the Italian political scene of the so-called “wide field” or perhaps “very wide” if the Bonellian bushes stick in. It’s nothing new. But once upon a time there were Conte and Zingaretti, now there is Conte and Schlein, a significant difference. If in fact the former governor of Lazio is someone who embodies the very concept of a rather Soviet post-communist apparatchik, the classic state bureaucrat but of the old guard, Schlein is more reminiscent of a jaunty early grill girl than a real politician. Elly Schlein is someone who still has the concept of “occupying”, perhaps Rai, as if it were her school. Someone who has nothing to do with the Democratic Party, someone who has a 300 euro per hour armorer in a party that should take care of workers.

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And in fact the Swiss woman from Bologna was elected in open primaries with the suspicious vote of very camel troops of the Five Star Movement. It was about the first step of military occupation hatched by that Zelighian genius Giuseppe Conte who aims to conquer the Democratic Party. The former yellow-green “people’s lawyer” promptly recycled himself into a revolutionary and was lucky enough to be a natural ally in Covid.

Now Conte can take over the Democratic Party because Schlein is anything but a politician and the shrewd Apulian lawyer will eat her without any problems. Today’s victory in Sardinia marks the beginning of the end of Elly Schlein – barring internal revolts within the Democratic Party – which will become increasingly gregarious to the Five Star Movement, which in turn is unexpectedly emboldened after years of both local and national misgovernment. Sometimes they come back, so to speak. After all, Italian memory is short and is always ready to succumb to the impetuous desires of situationist populism. In the meantime, Beppe Grillo better behave well otherwise Conte will take away his pocket money. But then again, the former leader of the Five Star Movement is largely and not very Franciscanly settled in Sardinia and he will be pleased to see a friendly face sometimes while he goes around polluting the sea with his motorboat.

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