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Convenience stores, one store can do more than just convenience – Finance – China Industry Network

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Title: Haicheng City Convenience Stores Bring New Life and Experiences to Rural Residents

Haicheng City, located in Liaoning Province, is experiencing a revival in its rural areas as the city’s commerce bureau works to comprehensively promote the construction of the rural business system. One of the driving forces behind this movement is the transformation and upgrade of village-level convenience stores, such as the one run by Tian Ruyan in Desheng Village, a small and medium-sized town in the city.

Tian Ruyan, who has operated a convenience store for more than 20 years, has seen significant changes in her business since the store was designated as the Desheng Village E-commerce Public Service Station. This transformation has brought a newfound vibrancy to the store and allowed her to expand her services to include express delivery and receipt, bank card withdrawals, printing and copying, and other daily living expenses for the villagers.

The Haicheng City’s Commerce Bureau has committed to renovating and upgrading more than 50% of the city’s 355 administrative villages, with each store receiving an investment of 8,000 yuan to expand its capabilities. These upgraded convenience stores have been connected to supply chain, logistics, finance, and tourism services, making them vital rural commercial service stations.

One of the most significant transformations for convenience stores like Tian Ruyan’s is their entry into the world of e-commerce. This has allowed the stores to serve as express village-level service stations, opening up the “last mile” of express delivery into the village. Furthermore, it has also been proven to benefit the end groups using rural logistics.

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Haicheng City has experienced a significant increase in express delivery volume and a drop in logistics costs as a result of these transformations. The city’s e-commerce industry has witnessed careful planning and execution from its leaders, leading to a more balanced consumption between urban and rural areas.

Tian Ruyan’s experience as a convenience store owner is just one example of the positive impact these changes have had on the rural residents of Haicheng City. As the city continues to push forward with its rural business system initiatives, it is expected that even more new convenience stores will be fully covered by 2025, bringing even more convenience and new experiences to the city’s administrative villages.

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