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Coop vs. Migros – Coop is ahead in the train stations – News

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Coop vs. Migros – Coop is ahead in the train stations – News


Stocking up on food from morning to night is in vogue. Coop benefits excessively from this compared to Migros.

“A shopping center with many train connections”: This is how you could describe the large train stations in Switzerland. Because the train stations have long since become large shopping centers.

I would like to have many more sales points at the train stations.

At Zurich train station alone, the annual turnover is 300 to 400 million francs. In Bern it is almost 200 million francs and in Lucerne 150 million francs. This is comparable to large shopping centers in the urban areas.

Attractive business locations

In contrast to shopping centers, more people come and go at the train stations – so-called walk-in customers. Coop boss Philipp Wyss says: “I would like to have many more sales outlets at the train stations.”

Legend: Huge crowds at the train station: Millions in sales virtually guaranteed. Keystone/Alessandro della Valle

SBB media spokesman Reto Schärli says that they definitely want to expand the offer further. But: “The space is limited, so this growth will not continue indefinitely.” And that means: When a space becomes available, the big competition for the coveted space begins.

Looking at the changes in train stations in recent years, Coop currently seems to be more in tune with the times than its competitor Migros. Since SBB does business with both retailers, the railway company is keeping a low profile on the subject.

Coop now also has restaurants

The only important criteria are qualitative, says SBB spokesman Schärli: “That the concept fits the location optimally and meets the needs of the customers.” And Coop obviously has more suitable concepts than Migros, for example in the catering sector.

We are very satisfied with the acquisition of ‘Aperto’.

Coop has recently expanded this mainstay. This is evident from the fact that new Coop restaurant chains have moved into many train stations. Specifically, these are “Rice-up” or “Yooji’s”, two chains with Asian food.

Aperto takeover as the starting signal

At the same time, there are also historical reasons why Coop is now more prominent in many train stations than its competitor. A few years ago, Coop bought the “Aperto” chain and secured 30 locations at train stations in one fell swoop. “We are very satisfied with this acquisition,” says Coop boss Wyss.

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When asked about this situation at the train stations, Migros said that the company was fundamentally well positioned: there were many shops in and around the train stations and so they benefited from the long opening hours, especially on weekends.

In individual cases, for example in Neuchâtel, people would like to move in as soon as there is free space, according to the Neuchâtel-Freiburg regional company. Each of the ten regional companies decides for itself at which locations and with which formats Migros is present in train stations. It’s different with Coop – the decision is made centrally.

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