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Corporate crises, last hours to save Baritech

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Corporate crises, last hours to save Baritech

Latest attempts to avoid the dismissal of the 113 Baritech workers on layoffs until January 31st. A few hours remain to clarify a dispute that, for months, has been trying to relaunch the company closed since December 2021 with the delivery of the last order of PPE in non-woven fabric.

Letters of dismissal

With no new facts, the dismissal letters will start on February 1st after the ownership of Baritech has decided not to ask for an extension of the Cig for another 3 months, already authorized by the Ministry of Labour, a period that would have been useful for looking for other solutions, not being able advance monthly severance pay and social security contributions, albeit to a lesser extent. Further useful time also for the region to evaluate other proposals for intervention. The latest move comes from the coordinator of the regional employment task force, Leo Caroli, who asked the Arborio group – which presented the only binding offer on the table to take over Baritech – to send a new expert to the city, after having disavowed the previous one, to clarify things. In fact, Arborio has neither paid the deposit linked to the offer, nor has it formalized its no which would trigger the payment of the penalty of 450 thousand euros and raises doubts about the functioning of the machinery. In the background – observes Caroli – there is the theme “«of the tax credit that machinery has as a dowry, equal to 1.5 million, deriving from industry 4.0 and the fear of the dispute table according to which Baritech, freed from the burden constituted by the workers, after just one day he would sell the real estate compendium” in order to “sell the real estate compendium to the first local entrepreneur to carry out real estate speculation”.

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