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Corporate welfare, from bills to fringe benefits: all the news

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Corporate welfare, from bills to fringe benefits: all the news

Extension of discounts on bills and gasoline, revaluation of pensions and cutting of the higher-than-expected wedge. But also resources for drought, aid for the former Ilva, protection for the most vulnerable consumers. The scope of action of the bis aid decree approved on Thursday 4 August by the Council of Ministers born with the main objective of protecting the incomes of families, businesses and workers strongly affected by the flare-up of prices is wide. The provision also contains important corporate welfare measures

Fringe benefit, exemption doubled for 2022

With the rule requested several times by the president of the Chamber’s Finance Committee, Luigi Marattin (Italia viva), the exemption ceiling for company fringe benefits is doubled from 258 to 516 euros, including, for the first time, the sums awarded for the payment of domestic utilities incurred by workers. A temporary measure, on the model of what was done during the Covid emergency, limited to the 2022 tax period (therefore with retroactive effect) and this time linked to the emergency of expensive bills. In fact, the value of the goods sold and the services provided to employees “as well as the sums disbursed or reimbursed to them by the employers for the payment of domestic users of the integrated water service, electricity and natural gas”. A measure that is worth 81.9 million euros for this year.

Intervention on charges and bonuses

In the package of anti-price increases, there is first of all the replication of two measures (the elimination of the charges for electricity and gas and the cut in VAT on the second), which will also be extended to the fourth quarter precisely to lighten the possible impact caused by the soaring prices are expected to arrive with the next invoices. Overall, 30 million households and over 6 million small businesses, artisans and traders will benefit from this.

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Measures to lighten the business bill

Together with the interventions for families, the government then ordered the return of tax credits in favor of companies to lighten the energy bill: in essence, they are extended to the third quarter, with the same percentages already provided for the concessions for gas and energy users. , but also those for companies that, while not falling into these categories, are burdened by particularly heavy gas and light bills.

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