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Corruption affair at Mercedes: 10 supplier locations searched

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Corruption affair at Mercedes: 10 supplier locations searched

An employee of the Stuttgart car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz works in Factory 56 in the Merecdes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen and puts on the Mercedes star.

At the end of last week there was a raid at Mercedes-Benz. The State Criminal Police Office moved into Sindelfingen at the car manufacturer. There is a suspicion of corruption.

In this case, Mercedes itself has filed a complaint. A spokesman says the group is the injured party. The suspected corruption concerns two Mercedes employees from the purchasing department who have preferred suppliers for several years and are said to have collected money in the process, Business Insider learned from company circles.

We learned from investigators that authorities searched a total of ten supplier locations. It is said to be seven towns in southern Germany and one in Saxony.

At the end of last week, investigators from the State Criminal Police Office searched the Mercedes-Benz plant and development center in Sindelfingen. It’s about allegations of corruption and bribery. The car manufacturer has itself filed a complaint and sees itself as a victim. The “image” first reported on the raid. The officials searched parts of the purchasing and development departments in the Sindelfingen plant. The investigators are said to have confiscated a mobile phone and computer, among other things.

The first public prosecutor Aniello Ambrosio from the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office says: “We are investigating two people on suspicion of corruption and bribery in commercial transactions.”

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Two suspects are said to have favored suppliers when awarding contracts – and that over several years, Business Insider learned from corporate circles. The two Mercedes employees are said to have received money in return. Those responsible at the Stuttgart car manufacturer are said to have noticed inconsistencies on a larger scale, and then notified the authorities. The Mercedes executives did not speak to the possible delinquent, they should have been clear early on that the possible thwarting of punishment would be.

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The public prosecutor’s office informed us on Tuesday that a total of ten supplier locations had been searched in seven towns in southern Germany and one in Saxony.

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